1. DH is a smoker and last night I asked him when he'll stop. He said he will soon. Well, that's what he said when I was pregnant to our DD. I'm just getting worried ladies. He's only 27 and he's a chain smoker. Sometimes I want to bribe his Physician into telling DH that his lungs are showing bad signs already.... or anything that would scare him and make him quit cold turkey.

    I'm open for suggestions ladies! Help!!!
  2. He won't stop until HE is ready to. Doesn't matter what you or anyone else says to him. He has to want to do it.

    It's a sad thing nicotine addiction.:sad:
  3. :sad: sorry to hear this..
    if my husband was a smoker I'd have a big talk with him and fight if I have to..
    if he gets mad so be it, I'm only doing it because I care about him.
    I'd tell him that I'm worried that he might get cancer someday and that WE *his family* need him and just act upset.
    make him think about it for days.
    You need to make him realise that it could happen to him if he keeps on.
    and ask him how he'd feel if it does?? leaving his family behind for cigarettes? :sad:

    I really wish you the best of luck *hugs*
    hopefully something will hit him inside & he'll realise it's time to stop.
  4. Yes, I was thinking of this, too. No matter how much I talk to him, if he's not ready to stop- everything will fall on deaf ears. This is frustrating....:cursing:
  5. Both my parents were chain smokers for 20 years... When they got older they effects were apparent.. My dad would get up every morning & cough, hack & couldn't catch his breath, it was horrible. Then his best friend, a fellow smoker, died a long painful death of lung cancer. My dad put his cigarettes down & never touched another one. That was 15 years ago. My mom quit when my dad did. She got a breathing test done & was concerned about the results. Today, she eats healthy, exercises & gets regular checkups. I'm proud of them both but it took something really extreme to make them quit. My brother, who is 25 is now a smoker & it's killing my parents. Yet, he says he'll quit when his wife (currently fiancee) gets pregnant. We'll see...

    Neither me or my husband is a smoker. That would have been a deal breaker for me when we met, if he was..

    Maybe reason with DH on behalf of your DD.. Second hand smoke is horrible for anyone, let alone small children.

    Best of luck~ it's nice that your care so much!
  6. He never smokes around me or DD. I don't have to remind him not to because he's aware of the bad effects of this esp. to an infant. He says it's his way of relaxing... :shrugs:
  7. I'm going through the same thing he isn't a chain smoker and has cut back considerably but I wish he would quit. Like others have said he won't stop until he is ready but I would suggest talking to him and letting him know what his options are if he wants to quit. Also I refuse to buy cigars or cigarettes and there is no smoking in the house or near the windows or doors to our Apartment.
  8. BTW, even if he doesn't smoke around you and your baby, just having smoke particles ON HIS CLOTHING, hair, and skin can greatly effect your daughter's health. The smoke particles increase your daughter's chances of getting RSV and having other respiratory problems. So make sure when he smokes he wears something over his clothes which he takes off, and washes his hands and face before holding the baby.
  9. ^^ Thank you!!! All he does is wear a robe and takes it off when coming inside the house. He does wash his hands prior to holding DD.
  10. I'd take the route of your child's safety. Even still, let's be honest, if he's smoking outside, wearing a robe, then washing his hands and mouth, his habit isn't going to affect your child in any measureable way.
    That being said, if it bothers you that much and you really feel it's hurting your child, then you have to figure out how much his habit is worth to you. If he won't change are you gonna divorce him? If not, then let it go. If you're gonna ***** about it, then you need to take some action. If you're not prepared to take action, then you have no right to *****.

    That was rude. Sounds like you need another PM from Vlad.
  11. My husband smoked too. I never said a word to him, because frankly, he knows. I also knew his personality enough that my 'nagging' would do nothing to put him in the direction of quitting. (He never smoked in house or around the kids either) He would make comments on his own that he needed to for kids sake. Then, on his own, he tried and failed a few times. I never said a word. Next thing I know, he's talking to me about buying himself a fun car and that his 'justification' would be to quit smoking, and that all the money he saved would go towards the monthly payments plus...all the obvious other health benefits. I jumped on my opportunity, really encouraged him, and we made bets re: his car if he even had one cig. (to make it fun and a challenge for him) He hasn't had a cigarette since...he loves that car and that's what it took...for HIM. Your hub will have to do it when he's ready and use whatever it is that motivates him enough to want to quit. For my inlaws, it was grandkids. For my dh it was a material item! (oh...and I did tell my dh shortly before he discussed car/quitting that I couldn't kiss him anymore because he tasted like an ashtray even after brushing his teeth...hmmm...maybe that had something to do w/it it)

  12. WOW.. holy crap. :wtf:

    I appreciate the straight forward answer, though. I'm encouraging him to talk to our doctor but it hasn't registered yet. He hates his annual check-ups. It's frustrating because all I can do is wait... and then ***** some more hehehehhe
  13. That's totally uncalled for. You're not cute. I know you like to start crap for fun, but this isn't the place to do it. She's concerned and asking for advice. People often has problems with significant others that require that they solicit advice, professional or otherwise, before they take a drastic measure like separation.
  14. ITA that comment was totally over the top & uncalled for!
  15. I tend to think the same.