1. I am 21 and i smoke 30 marlboro lights a day. I started a 14 but i am not sure why.

    Any other girls out there who smoke and if so why did you start and how old were you
  2. I was 14 or 15 (9th grade) when I started. I smoked about a pack a day until I turned 20. I stopped a month after my 20th bday and haven't smoked since and its been almost 12 years now.
  3. wow i am impressed, i just do not have the willpower to stop
  4. I started smoking regularly at 12. I had my first at 9 and it felt great :oh:, all my friends either felt sick or dizy, I didn't. I've made a few halfassed attempts to quit but I don't really want to.
  5. do you still smoke then
  6. Yes, about 30 cigs a day.
  7. how many years you have been smoking
  8. Good lord! Are you vying to be the next poster child for American Lung Association?:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  9. I'm 33 so 21 years
  10. I started smoking when i was 19, pretty stupid time to start as I had gotten through all the peer pressure!! Im more of a social smoker, although if i have them in the day ill smoke them, but at the weekends and when im drinking its a must!!!
  11. agreed, thats what i have tried to do in the past, only smoke at social occasions but i do nothing throughout the day so i get bored and start
  12. I've been smoking on and off for the last 16 years. Pretty stupid, I know. I do consider myself a social smoker. I would have one after an occasional drink at a dinner party. I don't smoke in my house, my car, in front of my DH or son and now we are not allowed to smoke in restaurants either. I would say on average, I smoke about a cig or two a day.:nuts:
  13. thats really good
  14. i always need a cig after i have sex , its a must
  15. :wtf: :wtf: That most cost you a small fortune. LOL, I think the reason I never smoked when I was younger (not that I smoke now) was I was too poor to afford it!