Smoking, please help!

  1. Ugh I know this sounds so bad, but I have been tempted to start smoking lately. This never happened when I lived in the US and thought it was gross but in Japan sooooo many people smoke so you are breathing it all of the time, and all of my friends as well. Plus there is alot of stress for me right now and that has made it cross my mind alot. There is a cig vending machine right outside of my apartment building and I am sooo tempted to head out and get some. :crybaby: I know 3 close people who have died related to excessive smoking and my dad who quit has had health problems related to it. I know its bad and I shouldnt do it but I keep thinking about it. :tdown:
  2. Don't do it.......Be strong! Relax and find something to get your mind off of Cigs. It's not worth it. I've watched my father smoke all my life and now he has "smoker's cough" it's terrible. All you need is one to start a bad addiction.
  3. Please don't give in to the urge. Try to do something until it passes. It must be hard when you're surrounded by it, but think long-term. Your entire body will thank you! I'm pulling for you--nicotine addiction is one of the hardest to kick, so you've done something few people can. You can stay smoke-free!
  4. I agree with both previous posters. I'm a smoker myself, and this is the most difficult habit to kick. I got off drugs a long time ago, I quit drinking alcohol when I started my diet, but I CANNOT stop smoking, even though I try hard.

    The best way is to NEVER try it. Please stay away!
  5. Hi

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  6. All The Best:tup:
  7. Stay strong and hang in there. I quit smoking two years ago and I know it will just take one cigaratte to blow all my hard work on giving it up. Focus on your goals to live healthy and hang tough. Have you tried nicorette gum? I'm not a gum chewer but the first year when things were tough, I resorted to Nicorette and it pulled me through. Good luck!
  8. are you saying you haven't smoked before and now want to start?.??? because other people are smoking? or did you smoke before and now want to start again?

    In case of the former - why give in to such group pressure? you don't know nicotine, i mean your body doesn't, so why 'buy' yourself such an unhealthy addiction, and only because others do so?

    if you want to go back to smoking - this may be harder since your body experienced nicotine, so is easier to go back to it but also in this case: so what everyone else does it? I quit smoking and although I occassionally think 'now a cigarette would be nice' I know I will never touch the stuff again, ever. stay strong!

    btw, the money you otherwise would spent on cigarettes you can put towards something fun and harmless - like a handbag? :smile:
  9. When I quit what I used to do when I got cravings is ask myself...."what if THIS next cigarette that I smoke is the ONE that gives me cancer".

    It always worked for me!!
  10. My father quit smoking 25 years ago. You'd think that would have given him a clean bill of health, right? Wrong! He was recently diagnosed with COPD due to all the years he DID smoke. Read up a bit on COPD. Between that and the obvious cancer risks I would hope you'd be grateful for healthy lungs and find another way to cope with your stress.

    If all else fails, think of it this way: Ciggies are expensive and would REALLY cut into your handbag budget. ;)
  11. Don't get tempted!!! Cigs make your hair and clothes smell BAD, and many guys/gals find it as a turn off when they see someone smoking. Also, when you feel like its time to quit.. it will be a very long and hard journey. I have co-workers that have been trying so hard to kick the habit, but just can't. Good luck, and don't give in!
  12. Try your hardest to resist because smoking will not help reduce your stress or won’t help you fit in! In the end it will eventually only bring you MORE stress because you will always know how bad smoking is and quitting is not fun!

    I started smoking when I was about 21. So lame to start at an older age, I think, although NO age is smart to start. I pretty much started because my coworker smoked and that was a way to take a break from work. I didn’t think I’d get addicted but before I knew it I was. I kept buying more and more packs, which are expensive, and finding myself smoking during non-work hours. I ended up leaving that job but didn’t leave my smoking habit.

    4 years later I finally (after several attempts) quit, but it was definitely not fun or easy. Your mind will talk you into ways to have “just one more” and that cycle will go on for years or forever. Even though I haven’t smoked for almost 2 years now sometimes if I am around a friend who is smoking my mind will convince me “just to have one.” I have almost given in several times but I know I would be so disappointed with myself. It is so nice not to have to rely on those nasty cancer sticks.

    Not only are cigarettes a huge health risk, they get to be a very expensive habit and will only leave you smelling smoky (and your clothes + handbags). They will not reduce your stress, make you fit in or look any cooler than you already are.

    Hang in there! :tup:
  13. I recently had my first ciggarette because i was feeling like you.. I just didn't really care anymore, so i tried it. (Plus, my friend bought my hot pink ones!) but anyway.. i've been a little tempted to smoke, but i could never smoke daily.. the smell and taste in your mouth is truly disgusting. That's enough to make me not smoke. However, i have a lot of self control.. an ungodly ammount.. so i suggest you not try it if you see yourself getting addicted.
  14. DONT DO IT! really i am about to quit again on the first of next month, i've done it before (when i was pregnant) and for about a year afterwards, but it is sooooooooo hard to quit, and VERY bad for you!

    And it doesn't relieve your stress at all, it just gives you more stress, i know 3 people who have passed away from lung cancer alone and it really gets to me that i can't stop, it's an awful habbit and i wish i had never ever started, just please don't do it!
  15. Just look at it this way the more money you spend on cigrettes the less you have for purses!!!! LOL. Good luck be strong!