smoking mad... ebay dilemma

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  1. I bought a MBMJ wallet in Fire and the seller described it as "gently used, carried twice". My DH says she would be right if she meant she backed a car over it twice. Needless to say, this wallet arrived with an ink stain (undisclosed) and grime all around the edges.

    I contacted her, expressing my dissatisfaction, and she told me to return the wallet, which I did. The signature confirmation verified that she received the wallet yesterday. I contacted her this morning requesting my paypal refund.

    I came home tonight to find that she did not even reply to my ebay message, but had time to relist the wallet:

    I emailed her and told her that if I don't receive a refund by tomorrow, I will contact paypal and ebay, and that I'm sure they would find it interesting that she is reselling something she did not refund me for.

    I am so livid!
  2. wow that sucks. what a cheapskate!
  3. Wow! She'd better refund that ASAP!! What is wrong with some people?? Keep us posted - I'm sure ebay and Paypal will be on your side. Glad you had signature verification! So sorry this is happening to you and GL!!
  4. ^thanks nessahhh... I am so anti ebay these days... I have gotten some very nice bags over the years, and met a lot of nice sellers, but this is the third return (in about 2 wks) that I've done over someone blatantly lying about a product.
  5. File a Paypal chargeback againt her. That usually gets their attention. :cursing:
  6. wow... i am really sorry about your seller, it's horrible that they do things like this.
    i hope you'll get your money back soon.
  7. I am so pissed. My Sicilian BFF, when she used to get mad (she passed away in '05) would say, in her Bronx accent "I wanna hear his/her bones break"

    Thats about how I feel right now!
  8. Dont worry, you'll get your money back! dont forget to leave her negative feedback! Just save all the info and submit it to paypal-it might take some time tho, paypal will contact the seller and wait for the sellers response!
  9. Cindi, thanks for the advice. I just filed the Paypal chargeback.
  10. Yet another ebay horror story--yikes! What is with sellers these days??
    Sorry this happened to you repeatedly!
    I was annoyed when they changed the policy so that sellers couldn't leave negative feedback, but now I see one reason for this, with all these shady sellers out there.
  11. Would you mind posting the relisted item in the "auction to be weary of thread"? TIA:heart:
  12. ^sure thing jacy!
  13. I'm sure gypsybiker is both weary and wary of that relist!!
  14. for the umpteenth time, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!"

  15. Oh, lol. . .yeah, need to make sure I proof before I hit submit:shame: