Smoking Coach lovers

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  1. Have any Coach loving smokers ever sold any bags and how did you overcome the obstacle of full disclosure?

    So, I was thinking of selling a few of my older bags, problem is I smoke and I have cats.
    I have tried in the past to air them out, but I can never tell if it is enough becuase I don't smell it anymore. I really could do to thin my collection out and would love to sell a few.

    Looking for any info. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I would make sure you let your buyers know that it comes from a smoking home. There are lots of people out there with serious allergies to animals and smoke. Even after you air out your items, they may still smell a little bit (especially after being in a closed box for shipping). Also never try and mask the smell with dryer sheets. It never works

    There are plenty of buyers out there that smoke too and wouldn't be bothered by it at all. Good luck
  3. Full disclosure shouldn't be viewed as an obstacle but as an essential bit of information. As someone very sensitive to smoke and smoke smell, I do not bid on bags that do no state non-smoking household or I ask. You need to disclose that they are from a smoking household and have been aired out. That way the buyer can make an informed decision as to whether they want to bid or not. If you do not disclose, you are risking a SNAD claim. Smoking smell is really hard to get rid of and smokers sense of smell to it gets desensitized over time. More than likely you will get less for the bags because of the history though.
  4. I would disclose it. Alot of people smoke or come from a smoking home. Same with pets - I keep my bags in a room my pets just "visit" occassionally.
  5. I definitely would disclose both the smoking and cats - especially if they are in the room with the bag and the bag may have / had cat hair on it.

    I know my eyes will water, sting, and if really bad, swell shut if I'm around cats/cat hair. I won't get into the red welts on my arms. :Push: Luckily, this doesn't happen with other animals.

    As for removing the odor, you might want to do a google search for ways to get the smell out. I've read in the ebay forum that some girls have used activated charcoal, baking soda (like the fridge box that has two sides open), and unscented febreeze.
  6. febreeze? but always mention it has been in a smoking home. i am allergic to cig smoke and it hurts my lungs so i can not be near anything with that smell. i bought something from a smoking home which did not state it and after washing the shirt 3 times the smell never left and i had to throw it away.
  7. Definately mention it - I try to always ask before I buy something, but one time I got a pair of gloves where the woman swore they came from a non-smoking household, but they reeked and she refused to let me return them. I tried everything and after about 5 months, I think the smell is gone. Of course, I'm sooo over those problem gloves, that they are going in my yard sale tomorrow;)
  8. I totally agree! :tup:
  9. I don't smoke (well, I guess I should clarify and say except during tramatic times, when my Coach purse for instance gets ruined), but I never thought about mentioning my dogs. I keep my bags in the basement FAR from them, but I guess I could have transfer from my clothes.

    However, I don't have cats but a few friends do. Even if I stated I don't have cats you could get transfer so the pet hair is a little tricky. What if you were in a restaurant that still allows smoking? I tend not to carry my Coach bags in a bar, but occasionally it is unavoidable. Would people have reactions from even the smallest exposure to smoking in a restaurant or walking by someone or a group of people smoking? Some of my friends are chronic smokers and I never thought about "protecting" my bags in these cases.