Smokin' Hot Vernis

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  1. So after much consideration, I've decided I want a rouge Vernis bag. I've actually admired the red Epi for awhile and I said to myself, "If you're going to buy a bag in such a flashy color, why not go all the way and get Vernis?")

    The problem is, none of the Vernis styles really appeal to me. A lot of them are smaller than I'd like, I don't like bags with completely open tops (which nixes the Reade and other related styles), and I don't want the Houston because I've seen a couple of them get wrinkly/saggy near the bottom.

    I've narrowed it down to the Bedford and the Roxbury Drive. But I'm not totally in love with them either.

    I also like the Tompkins Square (which is discontinued) and as a wallet, I'd prefer the Eldridge or Broome (both also discontinued).

    Am I not meant to have Vernis? :crybaby:
  2. I have the reade (small) in purple ad a lexington i beige - love them both! I would pick the bedford if I was in your shoes, that is a GREAT Vernis Bag
  3. You can always try your luck on ebay for the discontiniued styles. But I really like the bedford's shape, so my vote goes to that, too!
  4. i love the bedfords shape also, so i say go for the bedford! goodluck deciding, I cant wait to see what you choose!
  5. I love bedford style too, rouge color is on my list..
  6. If you're going to red you're going to have to go with the bedford the roxbury wasnt made in red. Maybe they will come out it in the new red for V day.

    which ever bag you decide on the Red vernis is going to be be HOT!!

  7. I loveee the Tompkins square.
  8. How about just getting an agenda?
  9. As a wallet?

    And no Roxbury in rouge?!?
  10. I wanted to get a Houston, or a Brentwood, but I don't think I want that anymore. I would like a Vernis evening bag, like the Roxbury, which has the removable strap! I would love it in Noisette!