smokey eyes tutorial for asian girls

  1. i would cut and paste my tutorial on here, but i can't seem to figure out how to do it?
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    so i have included a link to my tutorial. its not the best, i am not a makeup pro, but its a good starter for anyone looking to learn how to do a smokey eye for asian girls. :heart:

    you might have to be a member of makeup alley to see the tutorial though. just thought i would put it out there. :wlae:
  2. thank you for your effort, its very clear and helpful, tho i never find it difficult doing smokey eyes myself.

    its true, most asian girls find it really hard to do smokey eyes, but i think its all abt the eyeshadow and the brush you use. i personally use the small eyeshadow brush from MAC.

    Thanks again for posting it up!! you shd do more tutorials for asian girls. :smile:
  3. the Tutorial is really cool!

    I have so much problem putting eye shadow on as most of the time no one can really see it when my eyes are open! I dont feel very confident with applying eye colour to high up as I cant seem to get it right! :cursing:
  4. Great tutorial! I'm going to try it sometime!
  5. Great tutorial..thanks for sharing..
  6. I'm not asian and i have trouble! I'm just actually really horrible at putting on make-up...but that was helpful to me!!
  7. great tutorial..thanks for sharing it...
  8. Very informative, I'm not east asian though I still have trouble. I started noticing different types of eyelids, even amongst my family members, most of them fold back that you won't be able to see it, mine however doesn't fold much (so most of it is visible with just a few folds stretching out like sparks near the front of the eye.
    It's interesting but everyone seems to have to develope what works for them. I did a smokey eye on one of my sisters yesterday, it looked so lovely, she has really big brown eyes and the MAC blackberry and black eyeshadow made a lovely smokey eye.
  9. Great tutorial! Thank you.
  10. Just saw the tutorial cos i do help friends/family put on make-up. I get forced. Ok... Can I just recommend not to have too much of the dark eyeshadow on the outer side of the eyelid? Like, try to make it a little more gradual from the inner eyelid to the outer eyelid. blend it in a little more. Too much dark eyeshadow on the outside=a tad too vampppppp!

  11. Yeah..I agree with you..
  12. Thanks! =)
  13. thanks for the advice! i always welcome constructive criticism, i am a newbie when it comes to makeup myself. :biggrin: i only got interested in makeup a yr ago and have built quite a collection of stuff. i just wanted to post some sort of tutorial because i see on a lot of makeup sites asian girls requesting tips on how to put on shadows.
  14. No worries, having exposed to so much make up since young, and constantly trying to re-create make up looks on family/friends, I think I could pass as a newbie make up artist! hhhe.
  15. i just clicked your link and it says "i will be updating my notepad, sorry about that!"