Smokey Blue Small Reporter Sighting

  1. hi girls! today i was innocently breezing through NM, praying to the gods of willpower to allow me to stay out of trouble, when the store's Chanel boutique loomed right in front of me.....nope, there was no way to maneuver around it, i had to go in. My feet actually refused to proceed in any direction other than in, and i had no friggin' choice, i tell you. :p And there, on a shelf, calling my name, was a gorgeous blue small reporter,
    the blue color a tealey smokey blue - the price tag says "blue" not "dark blue" like it says on the blue fonce jumbo classic flap tag.

    Has anyone seen this beauty queen? I want her!!! but cannot afford her ($2,795), so one (or more) of us must own her... :drool:
    Call Sabrina at NM Boca (561) 417-5151

    let us know!!!!
    She is meant to be for a PF member.....
  2. is this the cotton club with the chain?
    anybody has a pic of this blue color?
  3. that bag sounds pretty! i can't afford it either, not right now.
  4. i would love to see a pic of it!
  5. Here is the bowler of the cotton club in blue
  6. thanks for posting the picture of the cotton club bowler cammy. i think it's cute. do we know the prices for this line yet?
  7. Hi for the tote version of the cotton club I think it is $1995. I know that the bowler version (which I posted a pic of) is around £960 and the reporter is around £1400+
  8. yes the one i was referring to is part of the cotton club line but has the outside pockets, 2 in front and one on each side like the original Cambon reporter....................$2695 i think

    bowler which i got today but may return is $1750 (in that yummy blue)
  9. I was also going to get the bowler, but I wanted to know why you were thinking of returning it? Is it simply because you wanted the reporter or another problem?