smokers, i need your help...

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    with my friends in town for the last week, i've been drinking too much and hanging out in too many bars. :shame: i'm a social smoker and i rarely rarely indulge...however over the last week i've probably smoked between three quarters and a whole pack which is a LOT for me. :sick: my throat is killing me and i keep coughing. is there anything you've used before to stop hurting?

    please no smoking lectures. it truely is a rare thing for me. my last cig before this was in may and before that was a year ago. :supacool:
  2. Iced chamomile tea (sweetened with just a bit of sugar) has always been my preferred way to soothe my throat, regardless of the cause. But, most importantly, I would drink copious quantities of ice water. It'll help get the crud out of your bloodstream and make your throat feel better.
  3. hmm...I am smoker, but I don't get a sore throat or cough. I do know that there is this tea that you can purchase at the store, that is supposed to clense your body a little bit after smoking. I can't remember the name, but I purchased it and lost it before I ever got to try it. It may be a lot BS, but could be worth a try. I will try to find it on the internet for you.
  4. instant cure for my throat... boil hot water and add honey and lemon. this will soothe the coughing too. My throat hurts sometimes too when I smoke a lot, but i'm still a gamer so when i went to bars, i ordered hot alcoholic drinks (forgot the name), but it's like hot cider

    Good luck!!

    The hot water and lemon/honey always does the trick for me :smile:
  5. thanks all. the hot water/lemon/honey/chamomile tea really did the trick. :smile:
  6. maybe you have been exposed to an allergen and are having a little reaction with the coughing.
    you can try over the counter products for cough and throat irritations. but if it continues you should seek medical treatment/evaluation.

    stay well hydrated.

    hope you feel better soon.
  7. You can also try slippery elm, which you can get at a health food store as lozenges or in liquid form. And gargle with warm, weak salt water.