Smokers and Chanel owners

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  1. I need to ask you all a question....

    Background: I used to smoke to death, like really hardcore and have given it up in the recent years. Though sometimes I cheat now and then but thats far and few in between. Today I've decided to carry my new portfolio out and also decided to have one stick.

    After smoking that stick, I left the cafe to browse the mall for some new bags and suddenly saw a burnt mark on my lambskin Chanel. My first thought was, the ash from the cigarette probably burnt my bag. It doesn't look like a stain but burnt. I tried taking a picture here but it's hard to tell


    Have any of you ladies encountered this before? If so, what can be done?
    I am pretty sad about it but there's nothing I can do. Now I understand why black is really good. It probably wouldn't have shown if the clutch was black.

    Here's my friend modelling my burnt baby

  2. Aww it doesn't look bad. It looks like a smudge of dirt to me. For light colored lambskin I would just leave it alone. I know that meltonian cream would be the easy answer but applying it needs extreme care as the leather would soak up the moist and can create spots/greater damage.
  3. doesn't look bad at all! perhaps someone can spot dye it?
  4. Carry your bag to avoid temptation :smile:. If you can't resist maybe keep those NRT lozenges or gums. You don't want to ruin your gorgeous portfolio :smile:
  5. It looks like a smudge.. Keep your Chanels away from your smokes!
  6. I just have to say.. you are very lucky it wasn't a cigarette burn hole right through the leather. lol Doesn't look that bad, can't even see it in the modelling pic so don't worry. :smile:
  7. I suppose the average eyes cant see it but you as the owner will always know it's there esp when it's brand new and taking it out for its first spin. I guess I will have to remember to be extra careful...esp with lambskin. Too use to canvas or balenciaga
  8. I've always had good luck (knock on wood) using meltonian but I use it very sparingly using a very gentle microfibre cloth. I don't think the spot looks obvious at all. I know it is hard not to worry about Chanel bags but a small spot here and there gives it a bit of character and shows that you use and enjoy your bags :smile:
  9. Really does not look that bad... more importantly, congratulations in making a healthy decision to cut back on smoking. I wish you all the best!:smile: