Smoked Salmon Anyone?

  1. ... So who loves smoked Salmon as much as I do?... how do you eat it or what do you do with it?

    I love anything with smoked salmon, especially with cream cheese on pumpernickle bread, or with soft pretzels and butter. Smoked salmon sushi is amazing!!!

    Am I the only one who can eat the whole pack? :shame: (I know it's not too healthy and quite expensive)

    Feel free to share fellow TFP members :smile:
  2. No way! I love LOX. I grew up eating salt bialys with lox and whipped cream chees. Oh the memories. I don't think I could eat it on a soft pretzel though... but I'll take your word for it!
  3. I love smoked salmon anything!!!

    I just made smoked salmon souffle for dinner tonight lol
  4. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I sometimes put sliced onions and capers on top of it.
  6. YUMMMMY, you girls are making me hungry!! Great suggestions there by the way.
  7. I love smoked salmon, will eat it with wheaten bread or make a salad with coleslaw and tomato of course.
  8. Salmon is one of my favourite food
    1) Pasta with smoked salmon, parsley and milk cream
    2) Toasted bread with salmon, butter and parsley
    3) Cover slices with olive oil for one night, also with balls of pepper (white, black and red) and wait one night. It will "cook" and you can it as entriees before lunch!
  9. on a bagel with cream cheese and red onions
  10. You read my mind - exactly! Sometimes to this wonderfulness I like to add sliced tomatoes and capers!!!!! :drool:
  11. mMmMM!! I just bought two packages of smoked salmon today and can't wait to try some of these delicious suggestions!
  12. I love it in sushi. Sometimes I put it on a cheese bagel with cream cheese and onions. Yum.
  13. love it! on crostini or a bagel with cream cheese, red onion, capers
  14. ohhh! forgot about this amazing smoked salmon pate a local italian deli makes, it's to die for!
  15. I had a delicious smoked salmon and asparagus sandwich from Whole Foods yesterday.