Smoke inhalation

  1. I went out Friday with some girlfriends to a nice restaurant and wore my Yukon boots and carried my Alex suede bag. It wasn't until the dinner service was over that several other guests around started smoking. When we first came in, I didn't smell any smoke at all, and I'm very very sensitive. When I woke up Saturday morning I walked past my bag and the smoke stench hit me like a brick wall so I had put two boxes of baking soda in the bag hoping to absorb some of the smell. :cursing::cursing::cursing: But, it is just disgusting and I don't want to carry this bag now with this horrible wafting stink around it. I'm afraid of spraying anything around it for fear the chemicals will damage the hardware or the suede.
    Is there anything I can do to restore my bag to usability?
    Curiously, my boots don't smell nearly as bad, nor did the down filled coat I had worn.

    I can't wait till the smoking ban in restaurants is in effect! :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  2. Ooooh, _bella_! Sorry to hear about the smoky smell of your Choos. I would say put your bag and boots outside in a protected area. I think the ozone in the air can help the smell dissipate. I too am sensitive to the smell of cigarettes:yucky: Luckily smoking is already banned in restaurants here.
  3. Bella - Samantha is right about the ozone. Do you have one of those ionizing air cleaners in your home? If you put it about 3 feet away for a couple of days, it will help. Another thing that will help is sunlight. Unfortunately, sunlight can also bleach out dyes. But if you can put it out in the sun, in a protected area for about 4 hours, it should be ok. I make teddy bears with mohair fabric and sometimes when I buy it from eBay, it is smoky smelling. Ozone and sunlight are 2 ways to get rid of the smell. If you have some lavender sachets, pop one or two inside when you are airing it out.
  4. Oh no! We have Indian Casinos here in CA and they are the only public place in the state where smoking is allowed. We went only once and my clothes and hair smelled like smoke the rest of the evening!
    Ick!! I think that airing the bag out in the sunshine for a few hours will probably do the trick as well, but be careful of fading.
  5. Thanks all. :tup: One of these days I'm sure there will be some sun.
    Until then I'm airing it out under a dry patio.
  6. Just PLEASE dont sell the bag on eBay before the smell goes away! lol

    Good luck. So sorry that happened. We have smoking banned here in our town and it is just lovely to go out now!