Smoke Grey Bow Satchel arrived yesterday!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    Finally my dream bag has reached my home. I'm soooo happy with the color :yahoo:. At the beginning, i was hesitated b/w nude pink and smoke grey. I've been sleeping on it for couple of days and then made up my mind to go for grey (it suits my wardrobe better).

    I took pics with flash and without. I think it looks more like taupe when u use flash. Without flash, it'd be definitely grey:rolleyes:.

    I bought it around $1100 from Japan (including shipping cost). Not so sure abt US price. Is it a reasonable deal?

    Btw, i'm just happy and want to share my joy here.:smile:

    DSC05873.jpg DSC05877.jpg DSC05872.jpg DSC05874.jpg DSC05879.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! I love the bag, it is beautifull. 1100 sounds good to me. I agree grey is such a great neutral color, you made a great choice.
  3. wonderful! enjoy it!
  4. COngrats! I hope to get mine soon.
    Gray looks much better in real life. In the pics, I find that it looks like a dirty colour. Really gotta see in IRL to appreciate :smile:

    However, my wardrobe is mostly pinks, browns and whites. Afraid that gray will not go with most of my wardrobe.
  5. Nice!!! Congrats to your new bag..
    did you get it from Diabro? I don't see any on that site.
    I just think the Bow bag is gorgeous - I've seen a few in action and they are all stunning and chic.
  7. you bought it with a good price..after coffer,now I am started to fall in love with this one :sweatdrop: and now I know that you can double the long strap -the only reason was it wasn't undershoulder and now it changed :sad: :sad:

    love your about some modeling pic.?
  8. I love love love its color. It is such a beauty!!!

  9. I bought it from local site. I have friend living in Japan. So, she ordered for me and sent back to Thailand.

    Here is the link From this link, it's 129000 yen, but i bought mine at 122000 yen. The main page is . Several import shops advertise their bags on this site. It's all in Japanese language. I can't read it but i did some searching by entering "miumiu fumo" and it came up a lot. Let's check it out:yes:
  10. congrats! this is what i want in black/brown =)
  11. thanks for the site - yes, it's a little confusing if you don't know japanese (I don't!) but I am enjoying the photos!
  12. Nice color, nice bag, congrats.
  13. Really nice. It looks like several people have just received these bags. I like them a lot.

  14. Congratulations.