Smocked Collection

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just received some pieces from the "Smocked" collection. This is an adorable little bag that would be great for evening or for every day use. The price is $1875 and it comes in all black or white with black patent trim.
  2. You cannot see very well in the photo, but the perimeter of the bag is patent leather.
  3. Its beautiful! Would you happen to have the dimensions?
  4. Its the same length and width as the medium classic but not as wide.
  5. I've seen a smocked black bag with a magnetic closure and the outside clasp was not a cc but a dressier design (at NM). It didn't have patent leather trim either and I may have been $1795. It's an adorable purse. I'd compare the size to the e/w. I was sooo tempted. I posted a thread asking what people thought but got no response. I take it not many people have seen this bag yet, or worse yet it's not a fave (yet).
  6. the perimeter is patent, but what type of leather is the rest of the bag?
  7. I believe it's pleated lambskin. It's an interesting take that pulled at my heart strings!!! It's not a big bag . Like I said more e/w shaped -- the one I saw at NM. It could easily move to evenings -- a dinner out, or if you don't carry a lot in the day, I don't see why it couldn't be used as a day purse.
  8. cute bag, I lke the patent details
  9. I'm just so scared of anything with lambskin, I hate to have to worry about scratching up a bag.
  10. ah it's called smoked collection e????

    Yeah i love this one, haven't seen it irl though
  11. Because the lambskin is pleated, there isn't much surface space that could get scratched up.
  12. ^true, i definately wouldn't be as afraid.
  13. Chanelboy

    That is really cool looking... I'd LOVE to see what the white with black looks like.....:heart::confused1: Could you post a pic when you get one?
  14. We sold out of the white already, otherwise I would love to post a picture.
  15. [​IMG]