Smo3's Modern Chain review + Beverly Hills stock

  1. I am in LA right now for the day/night, we leave tomorrow for a 4 day cruise to Mexico. . . .
    of course I had to go to Rodeo and specifically Chanel!:yahoo:

    I tried on the Modern Chain Tote in black and completely adored it!!!!!
    I LOVE this bag!!!:love:
    The one I tried on was $2225, I don't know if that's the small or large but it was the perfect size IMO!
    I asked if he had it in any other colors and they didn't and that store won't be getting anything but black:confused1:
    They also had one of the other ones, not the tote, but I didn't even pick it up, I was so not interested in that one for me personally.

    Stock I saw was LOTS of the bronzy gold color Luxe pieces. The big duffle looking bag and an adorable small Luxe flap, one size smaller than my black one.
    I also saw a bronze reissue and lots of Outdoor Hobos. . . I asked if he had any Outdoor totes and he asked me "what?" so I pointed to all the little football hobos and said "you know, Outdoor totes. This IS the Outdoor Ligne, yes?"
    He looked at me like I had 3 heads and pulled out his book and said,
    "oh, yes, it is called the Outdoor Ligne, you really know your Chanel!"

    I was shocked he didn't know!:lol:
    I didn't see any Diamond Stitch and I saw one Cloudy Bundle.

    :shocked:OMG!!!! The best part!!!!
    This store has OODLES of Chanel fine jewelry and it was amazing!!
    Tons of watches and just an immense selection of other jewelry.
    I saw a ring and asked to try it on, the price was a mere $27k
    I figured it was around $2-4k!
  2. Thanks for the review! Its fantastic hearing that you like the Modern Chain. So happy now:yes: . I will post my pics the first thing I receive it tomorrow. Hopefully, I will love it very much. Have a niceeee trip.
  3. wow swanky!! too bad i didnt run over to rodeo today -i REALLY wanted too, but was too lazy to deal w/ parking and traffic... i hope you're having a good time here!

    and i'm soooooo glad you got a nice and helpful SA @ rodeo -i've been there quite a bit and never really buy from that store b/c i've ALWAYS encountered snotty (and less than knowledgeable) SA's

    anyways, have fun on your trip!! i'm sure it'll be a blast!
  4. oh wow^ I thought I remembered member's saying that but I had no issues like that. There were a ton of SA's and I thought they were all accomodating.
  5. that's awesome that you had very helpful SA's -i wouldnt want your experience to have been ruined by lack of help, or people being rude... i remember i was sooo dissapointed my first trip to rodeo chanel --> i think i was browsing for a good 20 mins with my boyfriend and left w/o ANYONE even greeting us!!

    update us on the vacation and all the details when you get back!! -where else did you visit here in LA??
  6. So Swanky, what was the leather like on the Modern Chain? Is it "raw" or really "distressed" like described in other posts?
  7. ^I should've paid closer attention . . . all I rememer is that I LOVED it and hated to leave w/o it :sad:
    I remember it wasn't extreme one way or the other - it wasn't super Luxe nor did it seem truly distressed to me.
    I liked that it could go casual or dressy, I dug it! :yes:

    Janny, we walked around Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade today, then had dinner at McCormick & Schmicks for dinner. . . we always eat at that restaurant in Houston too. We also stopped in at Barney's tonight and I shopped at Oilily for my daughter.
  8. Hi Swanky, sorry one more question! Do you remember how much the luxe flap was? I didn't know it came in two sizes. Thanks & have a wonderful time on your cruise!
  9. my SA from Beverly Hill actually called me about the arrival of the Modern Chain bag today. But she didn't think I'd like it, she showed me the big one last Friday when I went there and the bag was huge like a bag you use when you go to a 3-day 2-night trip. She called me today and said this one is a bit smaller but she still thinks I wouldn't like it (she knows I like smaller bag). But if I get a chance I still would like to see that bag. Though I doubt I'd like it.
  10. I definitely saw the huge one. My chanel didn't have the smaller size...maybe I would have liked that one. The big one seemed even wider than the cabas but not as deep. Did the smaller one fit over the shoulder?
  11. I tried on the smaller Luxe flap in silver awhile ago . I do not remember the exact price , but I know it was over 2K , the deerskin one .
  12. Thanks for the review and the inventory update. So is there a Modern Chain in your future:graucho: ?
  13. The small and large MC are the same price. I asked a rep at Chanel customer service what the difference in size was and she said, not much. She thought mostly the difference was in style - the top of both bags were slightly different.
  14. Thanks for your report, Swanky! Glad to hear balanced feedback in the case of the MC. Sounds like you had a great time! Would love to be able to compare the grey and black MC, but I think my next Chanel will wait until cruise and/or spring...
  15. Thank you, that report was really helpful! Hope you have a great time in Mexico!!!