SMITTEN!!! Emerald Green Spy exceeds my expectations!!!

  1. Hello friends. At long last my green spy has arrived. I'd never seen the green spy IRL, so I was unprepared for its indescribable loveliness. I've spent an inordinate amount of time taking hundreds of pictures in different lighting and with different camera settings, just to capture the color, and I still haven't come close. I think I hate my camera....:s

    But here it is. The leather is not bubbly or thick and chewy, but much more drapey and silky. It just falls. Color is out of this world. I've included a modeling pic just to show it's fabulous drape and slouch. Best slouch among all my spys, a lovely vintagey green spy. :love:


    green2 006.jpg green 001.jpg green 011.jpg green 013.jpg green 039.jpg
  2. OMG Deco that spy is out of this world. I love it so much. Super rich soft Emerald green spy :drool: :drool: :drool: what a super dooper week for you so pleased. So which ones your favourite now.......LOL

    Love your shirt also with then cufflinks
  3. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    time for a new spy family photo?
  4. That green is out of this world, its so gorgeous, that I believe you might have got the deal of the year!!

    congrats, and enjoy your fab new bag, Im almost as green as your bag with jealousy lol :biggrin:
  5. Thanks Chloe-babe:shame: . So glad you like the color. I am the bargain hunter from hell:devil: .

    Nancypant, have just posted family pics:graucho:

    Saichyloo, I cannot for the life of me pick a favorite among my spys. I love them each in a different way. I'm also glad you noticed the cufflinks and the shirt. The shirt itself is one of my favorites. Very simple, but looks like this in the back (can you beleive I just took this shot of myself by holding the camera behind me?):


    And I just got the cufflinks. They're made of green crystal loops, and go great with the green spy:nuts: .

    green2 002.jpg green2 001.jpg
  6. Deco, love the entire look. Congrats on your latest addition.
  7. I am so envious of you right now. Cherry and Green. That's really awesome. I'm very happy for you. So how many Spy's do you have in your collection now?

    Nevermind, I just saw your other thread with the family portrait in it. So answered my own question. *L*
  8. GOsh

    I soooooo regret not bidding on that bag now!

    Its amazing

    Congrats its tdf and your outfit matches perfectly you look so cool and chic
  9. Thank you gloss-gal, stophle, secret!

    Secret, I have to admit getting this bag was a gamble and I was very nervous about it. The pics in the listing were inadequate and the seller didn't have a history of selling high end bags. I put in a low ball bid and never thought I'd win it. Had the pics been better and more thorough, and the seller more actively responsive, this bag would have commanded a much higher price. I can't overstate the importance of posting lots of clear pics of all authentication features, and responding promptly to buyer inquiries. It will translate to a higher sales price.
  10. Gorgeous green spy! Congrats, Deco!
  11. Utterly gorgeous! I am thrilled for you!
  12. The green is cute!
  13. OMG!!! That green spy is absolutely AMAZING!!! It looks absolutely SCRUMPTUOUS and SMOOSHY, all the great qualities of Spy leather. Oh dear, I want one so BAD!!! I can literally smell the soft spy leather scent from here!!! LOL!
  14. Whoa that gamble really paid off, you were VERY lucky, gorgeous bag!!!
  15. Wow the leather on that spy looks super soft. It's so yummy.