Smilies are not showing

  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me, because several members now told me that my smilies are never showing:nogood:, some state that they do, and some say that they are on and off, showing, then gone again... :confused1:What could be the problem? I can see them on my screen and I actually love to use them! They who cannot see them state that they look like red crosses in a box (black or white, I don't recall):sad:
    I have includes some smilies, so maybe you can see what I am talking about!
  2. I can see the 3 smilies you've posted: :nogood::confused1::sad:
  3. Oh great, that's good! Thank you! But then why do so many others don't?[​IMG]
  4. :shrugs: Your guess is as good as mine.

    Maybe you can point out the posts you are talking about?
  5. I think it's not the posts but the members, some can see them, some can't!
  6. Well, it's their problem then, not yours! :lol:
  7. Hum... maybe a setting on their computer
  8. But then why do all the smilies of other members show on their computer? They claim it only happens with my posts...[​IMG]
  9. how do they know they are not showing when they don't see anything? i'm confused, lol.