Smileys in quick reply?

  1. I remember when (for a short time I think) there used to be smileys under the textbox for quick reply so we didn't have to click "more" to get to them. Now that I think about it.. maybe they were never there? Well was just wondering having some smileys under quick-reply would be a good thing? Or would it make it slower?

    Also..why do they keep changing position in the bar as well as when you click "more"?? No big deal but I end up memorizing where they're supposed to go then I get OCD when the borg isn't in the right place or something lol:upsidedown:. I think this forum has the best selection of smileys:tup:
  2. The quick reply never had a direct smiley selection, you must be mistaking it for the regular post/thread editor. Personally, I am against adding "quick smilies" in the quick reply, as they'd slow down navigation through threads.
  3. I see, thanks for the reply!