Smiley on Birkin/HAC

  1. I heard a nasty rumor that if you have you lock/cadena hanging from the handle of the bag the constant movement creates a smiley/leather mark.
    Can someone please post a pic of this phenomenon?

    I have pm'd various members but I think :crybaby: they have forgotten my pm.

  2. ^ This is most prone to happen on smooth leathers like Box or Swift
  3. Greentea is right.
    This is prone to smooth leathers.
    I have two birkins with the textured leathers.
    I change the locks frequently including using the sailboat cadena (this years)
    and I do not have any smiley.
  4. actually...I think it happens with all leathers... speaking fom experience.
    What I do is, I clean/buff/or polish depending on the leather each night the bag I used, it keeps the marks to a minimum. I am not willing to stop hanging things off of my bags, I keep good track of the markings.