Smiley codes

  1. Hi, I am on a mac and I can only use a few of the smileys for the forum. Even when I do, I have to type them out, which I don't mind that much. Is there a way to make a list of all the smileys available and their respective codes? Thanks.
  2. I am on a Mac too... click on go advanced and look into all the smileys. They should show the code also. Typically it is something like : smile1 : ... take out the spaces :yes:
  3. Yeah I tried that, but a lot of them don't work that way. That's why I was hoping for a list of the specific codes. The majority of the codes don't work even if I type them.

    For example ;) doesn't show up. or :w-t-f?: or :tdown: etc.
  4. Do you have something disabled? I can not type ;) and not end up without a wink....

    Let me ask Vlad- he is more tech saavy!
  5. ^ Ok ;) did not work... does it usually?!
  6. ;) ; ) is wink...
  7. :w-t-f?: is without the ?. it's : w t f : without the spaces => :wtf:

    :tdown: is : t d o w n : => :tdown:
  8. here are the codes, hope it helps you. :yes:
    smeilis 1.JPG smeilis 2.JPG smeilis 3.JPG smeilis 4.JPG
  9. Awesome. Thank you!!!
  10. you're welcome!! ;)
  11. RoseMary rocks! :rochard: