..smile on my face..

  1. I was reading this magazine article of this fashion journalist and she was saying how she started purchasing all these very heavy bags because she knew how heavy birkins can be (I don't own a birkin yet but from what I've read here I guess they can be heavy) and by the time she was able to finally purchase a 40 birkin she was already used to the weight.. anyways the article ends with her saying "un uomo che ti regala una borsa è speciale, uno uomo che ti regala una birkin è il principe azzurro" which can be translated in "a man who buys you a bag is special, a man who buys you a birkin is prince charming"... lol I read it to my boyfriend and i told him that he better remember it! heheh just wanted to share it with you ladies.. the article put a smile on my face..
  2. Awww...how cute! Thanks for sharing!
  3. It puts a smile on my face too!
  4. That's adorable! And imagine being able to plan ahead like that! Oh my!
  5. I could not agree more with the Prince Charming quote!!!
  6. Haha too true!
  7. Gotta love it!
  8. Very Sweet!!!
  9. so sweet~
    wonder if i'm lucky enough to meet the charming prince~haha
  10. That's really cute!