Smelly Vintage Bag

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just bought a vintage Gucci Satchel and when it arrived yesterday, it wreaked smoke. :yucky: It just smells like smoke inside and out.:throwup: What can I do to remove this odor ? I already sprayed it with Lysol inside, and aired it out the whole day yesterday and it still smells. Whenever I touch any part of the bag, my hands smell like smoke. What to do? Help!!!!:crybaby:
  2. I bought some new luggage this summer that smelled of this HORRID strong plastic/chemical sort of smell. It was so bad that my dog started coughing and it burned my eyes!! I contacted the manufacturer, and this sounds weird, but they said to do this:

    Put a paper towel inside the bag, take a few charcoal briquets (plain ones, not the quick start type) and place them on the paper towel. Close the bag and let it sit for a few days.

    It works! And believe you me, I tried sprays, baking soda, you name it, but the charcoal trick worked like a dream! :smile:

  3. WOW I'll try it. So how many days? At least 3?
  4. They said 2-3, which worked on the chemical smell. I'd say if it doesn't completely clear out the smell, put in some fresh briquets, close it back up and try again.

    Actually, you may want to take it a step further: after you put the briquets in the inside of the bag, put the bag itself in an air tight container and place the briquets in that as well and close it up. Since the outside is a natural fiber and holds in that nasty smoke smell, you may want to just plan to do that anyway.

    Keep me posted! I HATE the smell of stale ciggie smoke too. :yucky:
  5. i left a box of baking soda inside my bag and zipped it. the smell went away. maybe you could put your bag in a box with a box of baking soda in it too to get the smell off the exterior.
  6. Hey CC, have you tried the charcoal trick yet? Did it work?
  7. No not yet....
  8. If it is a material able to tolerate a good wipedown, I have used Febreze and vinegar water, followed by clean water and then I get dryer sheets and put them in and outside of the bag and cover the bag with a dust bag. Then you just have to leave it alone for a while.
    I had a snakeskin bag arrive smelling of smoke so I just Febrezed the inside and then put the dryer sheets inside and out. A couple of months later the smell was gone. Obviously with snakeskin, you can't wipe the outside.