Smelly Uggs

  1. I know this is not a nice subject, but my uggs don't smell very nice. I think its because I wear them after my ballet classes when my feet are smelly and dirty. Is there anyway to wick the smell out of my uggs? They make my feet smell bad even when they were clean to begin with!
  2. Baking soda and put them outside in the cold air for a couple of hours.
  3. Yep agree with biondina! Or I use talc or some baby powder or those power shots.

    Also I learned a lesson to wear socks REGARDLESS of what they tell you! I've had no problem wearing socks and it makes it last longer. I only wear it sockless occasionally.
  4. daughter has the same prob!

    trust me...its really bad too!

    i got her odor eaters inserts ...they helped alot
  5. These are GREAT tips! Thanks so much...

    umm for the baking soda:
    Do I just pour it in? Or do I put the baking soda in a sack or something so it doesn't get everywhere in the fur?
  6. If you can, buy a second pair and wear one pair every other day to allow the first pair to dry out. Baking soda in a little box or bag or whatever you can put in your boot will do the trick.
  7. I always wear socks with mine, obviously whatever footwear you have is going to smell if you wear it with bare feet. Socks can be completely washed easily... shoes not so much. I hope you can get the smell out! :smile:
  8. and be sure the socks and the shoes are totally dry..
  9. I wear mine sockless and have never had a problem or them smelling..however my friend had one pair that reeked!! It was disgusting..she ended up throwing them away. I think she is more prone to sweaty/smelly feet but mainly it was b/c they were a size too small so were too tight on her feet b/c her other uggs aren't like that pair. Could that be the reason for you?
  10. Me too. my friend never wore socks with hers and hers stank! She had to throw them out and buy a new pair. Just wear socks, it's cleaner that way :p
  11. you gals are talking about sheepskin uggs right? suede on the outside and wool on the inner? I'm from australia the home of uggs lol and I throw mine in the washing machine!

    Seriously chuck them in the washing machine on wool or cold cycle with wool detergent! The washing cycle is very important must be the same temp washing as rinsing or they could shrink.

    I do it all the time with mine they take quite awhile to dry depending on the weather but they will come up like new all the wool will fluff up again and smell lovely, you need a suede brush to brush the outside suede after they dry as the outside will feel really stiff till you do this.
  12. also there are synthetic wool and real lambswool uggs and the synthetic smell LOTS more the genuine wool will...

  13. WOW, that would be something to try ! Does it matter if they've been treated with the protecting spray ?
  14. But all authentic uggs are made with real sheepskin.

    I would personally just change the inserts as often as possible to avoid the problem, or leave them outside to air out after you have worn them.

    Also, I don't know if anybody has this problem.. but when you take off your uggs, do you ladies get balls of the sheepskin that come out with your feet?
    (sorry to hijack your thread lol!)