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  1. I just bought a vintage Speedy, it's in really good condition, but it smells like my dead neighbour's house.. :s

    How do I get rid of the smell??
  2. fabreeze,
    turn it inside out and spray it down, leave it near a window or outside if you can for a few hours and that should help.
    Irene did this with her graf speedy that had the smell of moth balls and claims it worked well.
  3. ^^^^^do that..
  4. You could also try to put several sheets of bounce inside and leave it for a day or two.
  5. Hi,

    This thread is kind of old, so I hope someone sees this. I recently bought a speedy that smells like maybe the original owner spilled perfume or something perfume-like in the pocket of the bag. Will Febreeze and/or baking soda work to remove this smell? I was reading some of the other threads and it seems that a lot of people are using Febreeze and then airing the bag out. I haven't tried this yet, so if something else works better I would appreciate the help! I want to get the smell out, but don't want to ruin the lining of the bag. Also, is there anything I can use to try to clean the inside pocket where the spill happened? The stain is really only on the bottom of the pocket, but I would like to try to clean it as well as get the perfume smell to go away.


    Vicki :smile:
  6. I would only put some baking soda in a small dish, put that in the bag and zip the bag up and replace the dish every couple of hours. ALWAYS works wonders for me.
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