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Smelly Speedy

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Bag Fetish

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Mar 28, 2006
turn it inside out and spray it down, leave it near a window or outside if you can for a few hours and that should help.
Irene did this with her graf speedy that had the smell of moth balls and claims it worked well.


Jun 20, 2007

This thread is kind of old, so I hope someone sees this. I recently bought a speedy that smells like maybe the original owner spilled perfume or something perfume-like in the pocket of the bag. Will Febreeze and/or baking soda work to remove this smell? I was reading some of the other threads and it seems that a lot of people are using Febreeze and then airing the bag out. I haven't tried this yet, so if something else works better I would appreciate the help! I want to get the smell out, but don't want to ruin the lining of the bag. Also, is there anything I can use to try to clean the inside pocket where the spill happened? The stain is really only on the bottom of the pocket, but I would like to try to clean it as well as get the perfume smell to go away.


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