Smelly Speedy B Zipper

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  1. Has anybody had an issue with this? My bag is only a year old and my hands stink every time I touch the zipper. When I lean over the bag I smell the metallic smell too, but it's not nearly as offensive as the smell on my hands after touching it.
  2. LOL.
    No, I haven't experienced this. Maybe the oils on your fingers (either natural oil or +lotion) reacts with the metal elements in the zipper to cause the smell?
    I would either
    a) stop smelling my fingers
    b) Macgyver a way to cover the zipper pull with some cloth so I don't directly contact the zipper when I use my speedy.

    Good luck!
  3. I wish it were as easy as stopping smelling my fingers, LOL. I don't use lotion either. It's very possible, but man, it's like touching old coins. The smell just lingers.
  4. Hi you could try using a jewellery cleaning cloth, as it is most probably the tarnishing of the zip that is causing it to smell.