Smelly Diaper Genie

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  1. So I am on my second diaper genie, the first one broke about 7 months in and so I purchased another one. I have had this one about 8 months now and no matter what I do, Clorox, baking soda, even soft scrub, the thing just stinks to high heaven. I never had this problem with the first one, but this one is a few weeks older.

    I am seriously considering just throwing it out.

    Anyone had this problem or know what will take the smell out? And yes I do change the liner every day.

  2. This may sound silly, but have you considered emailing the company? If you email them and tell them exactly what you wrote in your post, and that you really like the product and don't want to look elsewhere for diaper disposal solutions, they may offer advice or another free Genie. Most companies want to keep loyal customer especially mommies because they all know mommies talk to each other, you might also casually mention that you belong to a forum and may post something about their product and are eager for their response.
  3. hmmm...i hate stinky diaper pails. i tried it all for mine too, i finally got those little stick on smelly good things [sorry i can't remember what they are called] and put one on the side or on the bottom.
  4. Ours gets smelly too. What bothers me also is the way the liners smell, almost as bad as what you put in it. We keep ours on the stairs that go down to the basement so it is not in the house. Maybe putting something on it like ILPH said might help. Do you have a garage or basement you could put it in?
  5. I tried it once w/ my DD, we didn't get 3 months w/ that stupid thing, LOL!
    Instead I kept all my plastic bags from grocery shopping and I'd put every poopy dipe in the bag, twist and tie it in a knot and I had a special trash can w/ lid in the garage I'd toss it in and DH would take it out every night or 2 as needed.
    Cheaper, easier, etc. . .
  6. I don't have Genie but a bin that uses regular grocery bags and I stick one of these refills on the lid. 1 lasts 4-5 mos. Every time the lid opens the pail emits the delish scent of pumpkin pies LOL
  7. also if you have a walmart around, they have individual lil baggies for poopy diapers. they are made by sassy...they smell like baby powder. that is what we use now...tried the pails and they always got smelly. so we just have a trash can that is used for her diapers, and we make sure to put all the poopy ones in a baggy and twirl it then wrap it over and tie it...air tight and smell proof :biggrin:

    im sure they are sold in more places, you can find them online too.
  8. I never had the Diaper Genie. I'm on my second Diaper Dekor (one for each child) and I love it. As long as you empty it before the top sticks, there really isn't any smell. I currently have the diaper dekor plus but I think I prefer the original.

    ^^ Ilovepinkhearts - they make them by arm and hammer too. For travel, I use the kind that come on a roll.
  9. This is exactly what we did as well! Works perfectly, and no extra supplies to buy either!
  10. I also use the sassy poopy diaper bags. They smell like baby powder and are great. Never had a diaper genie. Got rid of the diapers every evening. Went right out in the trash.
  11. I think that ALL of the diaper pails are prone to smell bad. We used a similar product to the genie, but it used regular garbage bags instead of its own, expensive bags. It was cheaper, but still smelled after a while. We ended up doing like Swank - putting each diaper in its own little plastic bag of some sort.
  12. My girlfriends were just talking about this at my shower yesterday and everyone who used a diaper genie had to replace it after when the stink wouldn't go away.. I think it is a common problem.
  13. Thank you so much ladies! I think I'm just going to throw it out and just use a small trash can in her room. I take the trash out every night anyway, so it wouldn't be extra work really.
  14. i use the diaper champ pail. it doesn't smell until you have to open it up to empty out! LOL
  15. i use the individual bags for the nappies.. they smell nice and then i jst tie it throw it in the bin in the room and then every night empty it out..