Smelly Deoderant Woes....

  1. I know there's a thread on here about the Secret Clinical Strength deoderant but I'm curious about something else..

    I use Certain Dri every other night because I would have excessive underarm sweat. It works great--has since the first night I used it. My problem now is that after an hour my deoderant gets that nasty sweaty smell even though I'm not sweating. I've tried tons of deoderant and all of them get funky after a while. It's a problem because I work at a hair salon and always have my armpits in peoples faces while I shampoo their hair, so nice smelling pits are a must. I just don't know how to get rid of that sweaty deoderant smell.

    So today I picked up the Secret Clinical Strength and I'm hoping that'll help with the smell. Will I be able to use that along with my Certain Dri though or will it mess my armpits up?
  2. I personally have never experienced this, I have used just about every kind of deodorant, I have been using Dove for awhile and I like how soft it makes my pitts, HEHE
  3. I had Botox a while ago as no products such as Certain Dri worked for me to keep sweating at bay. I now use Certain Dri AM deodorant in the morning and it works really well - may want to check it out.
  4. ^^^ do you get itchy armpits from the certain dry? When I tried years ago, I got dry itchy armpits that felt like they were on fire.
  5. It only itches if I put too much on or shave my armpits beforehand. It's not so much a fire burn, more like a pinching feeling. I've learned to apply just enough so that it doesn't burn, you should try it again!!
  6. I tried several brands and starting using ARRID, ever since I haven't had any problems, use it the night before as you mentioned then before going out. It's really great!
    I definitely have an excessive sweating problem, because I sweat when I'm cold/hot, anytime and all the time.