Smelly Chanel

  1. One of my aunts gave me a cambon tote that she found at a consignment shop.

    It's definitely real, but it reeks of smoke. As in, I have it in my bedroom right now and it's making my bedroom smell a little.

    What should I do? I was reading tips on the LV forum about baking soda and dryer sheets. The entire bag smells, though - the inside worse than the outside. Should I put a little container (open top?) of baking soda inside the bag, zip it up, and then put the whole bag into a plastic bag and put more baking soda inside the bigger bag and then lock the whole thing up? Or should I try to air it out more?

    Also - any luck with companies like, etc?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Is there an outdoor sheltered are at your home where you could let it air out during the day? In the shade?
    Arm & Hammer Baking soda makes a nifty fridge box, it opens but has mesh so none of the soda creeps out, I'd get one of those adn leave it outside and see if that helps.
  3. Not sure if a leather cleaning service could help? I would definitely show it to them because I would be afraid of any color damage but they might have tips.
  4. i had that same problem with one of my chanel bags i purchased on eBay. i put the baking soda box inside the purse,( the one that does not spill). then i zipped it shut and left it over night it really works. as for the outside leather, i would say you let it out so the air could hit it for several hours or put it in a trash bag with the baking soda inside and leave it overnight.:tup:
  5. oh and i also sprayed febreeze inside the bag and let it air dry, that worked great too!!
  6. I had a similar experience with an eBay Fendi purchase. I thought the smell would never come out of the leather or the interior. I used LMB bag candies in vanilla and they did the trick amazingly, but the bag smelled so much like smoke that it took a few days to really make it smell good. Good luck!
  7. Isnt the inside washable? I'd turn the lining inside out and wash that little stinker.
  8. thanks so much for your responses, guys... i was about to cry. i am feeling like the smell has seriously permeated the leather but you guys are giving me hope.
  9. Also, air it out as much as you can.
  10. I did the same as Cynthia111 -- baking soda inside the bag and light mists of febreeze on the leather. Put it in its dustbag and set it by an open window for a week.

    The outside leather smells fine but I keep container of baking soda inside. Inexpensive and works!
  11. for me I love febreeze and fresh air always gets nasty smells out of my bags
  12. it'll clear up, give it time. . . and fresh air!
  13. That happened with a not-chanel purse I bought once, but a dryer sheet inside & fresh air really helped.
  14. Update - today I washed the inside with Woolite (sp?). I could see the dirt and grime coming out. I think I'm going to wash the inside out again. Can I use a regular detergent, or should I stick with Woolite?

    I'm going to buy baking soda tomorrow, and I ordered some bag odor eater things from LMB.

    Swanky... sadly, no to a good place to air it out. I live in a condo. :sad: I have it sitting in my room atm, with my ceiling fan blowing on it. It's not making my room smell since I washed the inside (although maybe I'm just getting used to the smell? lol)

    I'll keep you guys updated! :heart:

    edit: Buying dryer sheets tomorrow, too!
  15. sells these odor candies that you can leave in your bag to take out bad smells. Baking soda also works well too. :yes: