Smelly bag!

  1. I just received a Papillon 26 from a mypoupette seller but it smells like moth balls inside! How do I get rid of the smell? The odor is very strong and I don't want to use it out of fear that my wallet, etc. will pick up the smell.

    I appreciate any suggestions!
  2. Don't tell me you got it from Hong Kong!
  3. i have heard that they use moth balls in Hong Kong b/c it is so humid there. I would dry using a dryer sheet, stick it inside and see if that helps! otherwise, stick it outside and let it air out for's quite common, so I have read.
  4. mmm leave the bag in your garden or outside if you can, otherwise put some coffe beans inside the bag, some other good thing is to clean the interior with baby wipes soaked with your perfume (if the inside is canvas) and leave them inside until they dry
  5. I've heard other tpfers using placing multiple bounce sheets in their bags.
  6. I did receive it from HK!! It didn't occur to me that they'd use mothballs in their purses.
  7. ^ great info about the bounce sheets :smile:
  8. I use a couple of box's of baking soda.
  9. I got my Musette from a seller in HK. Big time mothball smell. Inside the Musette I put 2 Bounce sheets inside a ziploc bag for a week or so with the ziploc bag open to let out the smell. It worked like a charm.
  10. Yes, I received one from Hong Kong with the "moth balls" smell. The dryer sheets work. Don't worry, the smell won't be there forever.
  11. Thanks every one! I put in two dryer sheets... too bad it takes a whole week though.

  12. Cute Westie!
  13. Materials I've heard take the smell out when put inside:
    -dryer sheets
    -perfume on a hankie
    -coal (yes, coal- I know there's a way to do this without damaging the bag, I just don't know what lol)
  14. febreze?
  15. Another victim of the mothball curse. :sad: