Smells/Scents you can't stand...

  1. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Prawns and garden fertiliser - esp when its just rained - it reeks!
  2. the fake vanilla scent in candles and perfume, yuk!!!
  3. Well ladies you have covered lots that I hate too.

    But 1 perfume I detest is YSL Opium, it makes feel quite ill.
  4. Buffalo chicken wing sauce. Good googily moogily, it's strong!
  5. I totally agree! Ick!!!
  6. Omg I love that perfume!
    But I dread the "Womanity" perfume from Thierry Mugler! :sad:

    Other odors I hate: burned popcorn and all food with liver :sad:
  7. Dogwood trees- They look so pretty but they smell yucky! We have tons of them in bloom around my city at the moment and I hate walking past them. Gives me a headache.
  8. black licorice
  9. I agree on that one. Black olives gag me.
  10. BO :nuts:
  11. Perry Ellis 360 and anything with a musk scent.
  12. - Watermelon or cantaloupe, be fresh or synthetic (automatic gag reflex)
    - Cheap air fresheners/cleaners (like in public bathrooms)
    - Sandalwood
  13. public bathrooms, especially in the indoor kid centres - ugghhh so gross!:yucky:
  14. Kraut- bf put some on his bratwurst the other night, and I thought I'd die before that smell finally got out of the kitchen...yuck!
  15. The smell of freshcut grass. It makes my eyes water and gives me a headache.