Smells/Scents you can't stand...

  1. Lighter fluid for a charcoal grill. Ugh.
  2. :biggrin:which one reminded you of the cooked shrimp:biggrin:?

  3. Your grilled fish one. Seafood is seafood.
  4. Mint
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Burned popcorn
  7. when the vase water for flowers hasn't been changed :throwup:
  8. Yoghurt, and the nappies with the special deliveries from teething
  9. Cigarettes, cigars
    Doritos (makes me want to hurl when someone opens a bag of them and especially when I can smell it on someone's breath):throwup:
    Burnt popcorn (the teacher down the hall loves it and burns it in her microwave for snack)
    Subway - the smell clings to you after you leave--smells like stinky armpits
    most perfumes, anything really powdery/old lady like Chanel or spicy ones
    mold and mildew
    Dog poop
    Wet dog and even regular doggie smell
    New car smell
    Air fresheners
    When you first walk in Target
    Burnt rubber like from a vacuum cleaner belt - I always smell it at work --nasty!!
    Yankee Candle--I get a sinus heachache walking past the store
    I'm sure I can go on....:biggrin:
    Oh yeah, any type of fish or seafood --- I hate when DH orders seafood and I have to eat my own food and breathe his in
  10. Strong perfumes
    burnt popcorn
    wet dog
  11. Cooking mushrooms.
  12. Oooh, that's a good one. It's really yucky.

    Also the smell of the inside of rubber washing-up gloves after about 2 weeks of use :yucky:
  13. Oh, I hate burned popcorn.

    When I was in college, people would make (and sometimes burn) popcorn in the common room's microwave. Sometimes the popcorn would burn and that would set off the smoke alarm. The smoke alarm would force us to go outside.

    Then when it was clear to come back inside, we were greeted with that smell.
  14. hot dogs and teriyaki sauce lol. popcorn is pretty bad too.
  15. canned tuna - ick!