Smellin the roses brought me back

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  1. After a long break from buying LV but just lovin what I already had (and moving on to some Chanel and Marc Jacobs), I have to say the Roses made me come back! Whoever the TPFr was that said I would be back again was right!

    I just picked up the Roses Pochette which I think is so adorable, especially for summer. I never even liked the traditional monogram and own no other monogram bags nor do I own any other pochettes. The roses is just so unique and pretty. Its also a bit larger than I expected.

    So, who knows whats next!

    Thanks for letting me share! By the way, the new scarves out are also TDF
  2. Congrats ~ great choice!
  3. Indeed - I was stunned by the beauty of this collection in person :love:
  4. The Roses collection got me to splurge. I admit it. But it's just so gorgeous! :cloud9:
  5. The pochette is so cute!

    Congrats and Welcome back!
  6. Congrats
  7. Thanks all!
  8. Congrats! There is just something about the roses collection...I had been concentrating more on Balenciaga..but I took a peek at the LV forum, saw the Roses threads, and went out the next day and got the roses scarf. It is soo pretty IRL!
  9. Great choice! It's so good to have you back on the LV side :P, can we see some pics??
  10. Congrats!! Everyone always comes back to LV;) Congrats on the Pochette, it's so hot!!