Smell your leather ladies- and tell me..........

  1. Do the leathers *smell* the same from season to season, color to color, style to style??

    My GH PT Aqua smells very delightful--- but that means nothing because I am weird and like the smell of *fresh* paint, hand sanitizer, barbeque....... yah- I'm werid.

    Anywhooooo!!! Tell me-- do they smell the same- ??

    I only have this GH PT and a toilet/makeup case (which has no scent)

    Oh- and my bag smells *chemical-ly*- but LOVELY!
  2. My 07 smells like leather but am not sure abou my 04. The 04 smells different because it was previously owned by someone else.
  3. ^--- hmm- totally make sense---

    I brought this up because I did notice the smell difference between different LV lines- azur, mono, MC. I guess bbags would relatively smell the same since they are (as in City and First styles, Briefs and PT's) mostly made of leather- goatskin leather....
  4. '05 Caramel has a faint perfume scent...I used to think it was from a previous owner but all of the '05 Caramels I've owned have had the same scent! It's very pretty but bizarre!
  5. My anthracite day bag is the only bbag that has a strong smell of leather
  6. I only have 07 bags with leather smell (my 04 was pre-owned so doesn't count really) and I have a really sensitive nose (good for some things, bad for others, trust me). I just went and smelled the three 07s (and I've only had them for between a week and a month):

    AnthraFirst - a slightly sweet (bubblegum?) smell

    AquaDay - smells sunny

    CafeWork - a little dark, musty

    Just what I thought when I smelled (smelt?) them - kinda like wine-tasting. BAL-TASTING!! yumyumyum
  7. LOL... I have a very sensitive nose as well... so this question is right up my alley!

    While the older bags I've gotten all have had previous owners, it does seem like there are slight differences in the smell of the leather, probably from the varying grades of leather used, possibly even within a season.

    All of the 07 bags I have, have a very strong leather smell... That being said:

    Sandstone- Has a lighter, smoother smell to it?? Almost flower toned! However, no products have been used on this, so it must be something with the dye.

    My Marine bag smells the "darkest" out of all of them... likewise with the wallet.

    My Aqua has a pleasant smell that I can't even describe, but I love to sit around sniffing my Aqua wallet... :sneaky:

    I can definately tell a difference between the leather smell of the 06 & 07 bags I've owned. The only 05 bag I've had so far smelled of LMB, so it was hard to tell what the leather smelt like, but I've got another 05 one on the way... so we'll see!! :graucho:
  8. My '06 first didn't smell very leathery. But my new '07 City smells wonderful (especially when you take it out of storage). BUt the strongest leather-smelling bag I've ever owned is my Chloe Edith. Sometimes I'll get a whiff of her leather from across the room!
  9. Yes! I have mentioned this before. I could swear that one or two of my older bags have this smell too (I think my FBF might have it too, I'll smell her tonight, lol) but Caramel for sure. It's like a sweet musky-perfume smell. I hated it first but now I accept it as a b-bag smell. :tup:
  10. Wow- thank you for all the responses- this is so interesting!!!!!

    I agree that I can't describe my Aqua PT smell- it is sweet smelling and sort of chemical.........I walk past her and would be able to recognize the smell WITH MY EYES closed! heehe!!

    Good Morning! I'm so happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

    My 5th anniversary!!! Yaay!
  11. :yahoo::heart:HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!!!! :heart::yahoo:
  12. ^---- THANK YOU!!! Yaaaay!!!
  13. :heart: Happy Anniversary!!! :heart:

    Hope you're having a great day!! :tup: A great milestone!
  14. i also noticed that perfumey, flowery smell on the older bags! but i've only noticed it on my older BLACK bags... strange...
  15. my 11' Anthra Work has not much smell at all
    my Adroise used to smell nice but after I put bal cream on her, the smell just gone.. i'm gonna throw out that cream
    my 10' black City smells the best, it's so addicting~