Smell on Poche Toilette 26 Palm Dots :-(

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  1. You know, I bought the TP 26 Palm Dots in Pink yesterday and I like it, it's a really cute and practical LV piece.

    But it has a strong, strange smell - something like fruity chemical, can't describe better, because never smelled something like that before. It is standing with open zipper one day and one night now near open windows, but didn't get better. I'm sad, because I can't keep it like that. That smell is bad, I can't use it like that, I get a headache. It seems to come from the pink inside.

    I have so many LV products and none of them smells bad. If it won't get better, I will have to return it.

    Does anyone have this experience, too? Please tell me, thanks you!
  2. I know exactly what smell you're talking about and it's horrid. A couple of months ago my SA was showing me a Totally and the smell sent me into instant sweats and nausea then I bought a wallet that had the same chemically odor and it literally made me sick to my stomach. I couldn't stand it and took it back to the store for a different one although the SA (not my usual one) swore up and down that she couldn't smell a thing and I must be imaging it...
  3. i returned 2 empreinte key pouches with it. i kept one and it still smells like that.
  4. Maybe it's a scratch and sniff??

  5. I had that same problem with the Kusama zippy wallet when it came out had to return it, but had no problem with the NF or the Speedy
  6. I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean!?
  7. I'm glad, I'm not the only one with such an experience... But what can it be? I don't think it will disappear, cause it is standing with open Zipper beside open window since Thursday :sad:.
  8. It's really awful, I'm getting sick and don't want to use it. Will have to take it back. Maybe I take the Palm Dots NF in pink instead, but I'm not sure about it. It's so much pink, maybe it's too girly for me...
  9. There are stickers on the market that are called 'scratch and sniff' stickers. When you scratch them, they have a scent. For example, could be a sticker of a cherry and it would have a cherry smell. It was meant as tongue and cheek...a joke. 😜
  10. If it's making you sick, you may want to reconsider. Some people are just very sensitive to smell. There are many other lovely items to choose from.
  11. Several months ago I bought a Pochette NM DE. When I got into my car I noticed a horrible odor. When I got home I put my the bag in my bedroom. The bedroom stunk.I finally realized it was my new purchase. The odor was nauseating. I returned the bag the next day.

    I hunted in several LV stores for a new one.I found one that does not have a horrible odor. If I sniff the strap there is a faint odor, one I can live with.
  12. Maybe someone farted in it as a joke?
  13. Ok, now I know what you mean, that's funny :smile:! You see, I understand a joke, if somebody explains it to me ;))!
  14. I bought a mono TP and it had a bad smell...I ended up exchanging it and the second one was a lot better. I had bought it online so I was not able to see it first ...You may have to exchange and check each one.....
  15. My Felicie inserts had this smell too. It drove me nuts but after about a week+ the smell went away. Just make sure you let it air out. I left my inserts on my dresser vs stored and it worked.
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