Smearing eye liner...I'm lost!

  1. I do a lot of research on makeup before I buy & when it comes to eyeliner, have tried the 3 "best," along with some others. First I used Urban Decay, the pencil that people would complain wouldn't come off. Well, it didn't even last an hour and my eyes looked like I got beat up. Smudged EVERYWHERE. Bobbi Brown's gel liners were next. I used them for a few months...Sepia Ink (the brown) smeared a bit, but more so wore off wayy too soon in the day. Granite Ink (a black color), smeared terribly. With that, I just tried Mac Fluidline. Violetta (I think its called) doesn't smudge, but the color is very, very light that you almost can't see it. 2 weeks ago I went out and bought a dark brown and a black fluidline...and they smear terribly. :hysteric:

    I feel like I've tried everything. I like the gels, I like putting my liner on with a brush. I haven't used pencil in years, and of the pencils I did use, they smeared too. I've tried putting Urban Decay's primer potion on underneath, no luck. Yesterday I went to Mac and told the girl my problem and she gave me this cream to powder stuff to put on under my liner...again, no luck. I am SOOO lost! I was thinking maybe it was my eye cream, so I stopped using it and only used my concealer. Still a problem. Also, this is the 3rd concealer I've switched to thinking that it was always part of the problem. Same with my eye cream! I've switched that three times also!

    Anyway, I am in the process of looking for a job (interviewing) and I'm having a graduation party for myself (first party EVER in my life) and I'd like to find an eyeliner that will STAY PUT on my eyes. I don't want to be on an interview or at my own party worrying about if I look like I was beat up because I have a black eye!

    Any suggestions? Help!:crybaby:
  2. If you have oily lids you need to find a product that applies a dry matte layer to your lid. Different products work for different people. Apply the eyeliner, and when set, dab a little translucent loose powder or neutral colored eyeshadow powder over it. This will prolong the effect and prevent smudging. Anyone can have oily sweaty lids. I have very dry sensitive skin and my lids are oily, none of the eyeshadow primers (UDPP, Smashbox Photo, BE Rever upper, etc) work. I use an anti-aging eye serum as a base instead.
  3. Oooooo Ok. You do this for the bottom of your eyes too? I think that's where its' smearing...on the bottom...
  4. Same thing, I use the serum on the bottom lid as well, though liner used is actually dark eyeshadow on a damp brush - liquid and pencil liners make my lower lid itch. Top lid I use a soft pencil, UD's 24/7 is my favorite.
  5. Believe it or not, I have had awesome results with Revlon colorstay eyeliner. On me this stuff even stays put when I line the inner lid of my lower eyelid. I have oily lids and all of the other liners I have tried smear exept this one. Strangely enough sometimes more expensive does not necessarily equate to better performance . You should definitely give it a try!
  6. That's the pencil that everyone told me to try, that smeared off like crazy. Maybe I should try 2 different on top and one on bottom. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Maybe I'll pick some of this up tomorrow! :tup:
  8. Good luck! Let me know if you get it and it works!
  9. Thanks!

  10. I agree! Revlon Colorstay is pretty good. I usually have htis problem (of smearing) as well when I put liner on my top lid. Colorstay tends to be a bit better..
  11. use a good primer on your lids before applying eyemake-up, apply your eyemakeup as usual then line your eyes with whatever eyeliner you want (pencil, fluidline, etc) then take an small angle brush (I use mac 288, i think thats the # but dont hold me to it) and use whatevr eyeshadow th liner is on top of the liner, this helps the liner to stay put, it works well for my liner and i have OILY lids
  12. I haven't tried UDPP (will after I used up my Lancome), but I had the same problem with oily lid and smudging. I'm now using the eyeshadow base by Lancome, and it works great, keeps my gel/pencil liner on all day long with no smearing at all.
  13. i use rimmel kohl ones and it doesnt smudge at all i love it
  14. I love Rimmel Kohl pencils as well. Also MAC powerpoint in engraved (black) does the job for me.
  15. I have the same problem! Liquid liner maybe the way to go. Absolutely does NOT smudge. It won't look so harsh if you get it in brown. I like lancome artliner.