1. Anyone ever use the SmashBox Lip&Lid?? Does it really keep the eyeshadows and lip color on longer?

    How about the Photo Finish Foundation Primer? Does it help the make up stay on longer? Does it help moisterize your face like it claims to??

    Does anyone ever experiance breaking out from their make up? I currently use mineral make up because when I used MAC before, it just ate my face up and gave me loads of pimples. What's your opinion on SmashBox??
  2. i have the photo finish foundation primer... it's pretty nice, it makes your skin feel silky smooth, and i think it does make the foundation last longer. it also helps smooth out fine lines. they make a version of it for sensitive skin too. i've been told that you can wear it w/ mineral makeup as well, i've never tried it tho.

    i've heard good things about the lip & lid thing, but i've never tried it.
  3. i tried to love the primer...but i can't get past the fact that i felt like i was smearing vaseline on my face at first (obviously, that feeling for me didn't last. as it ends up wonderfully smooth and soft). i primarily use mineral makeup, and it works well with it (i'm currently using a philosophy primer that i loveee)

    as for the rest of their stuff...i have a few miscellaneous things (mostly eye stuff, but i have a blush and foundation, etc). and, honestly, i don't use it all that much.

    sephora has lots of smashbox kits- why don't you try one of those out and see what you think?
  4. I have very oily skin and I use Smashbox Photo Finish primer once in awhile, and I've never had a problem with breakouts. However, they just came out with Photo Finish Light for oily skin. I'm definitely going to give it a try. I also have the lip and lid primer. It does help somewhat. The best primer for lids IMO is MAC Paints.

  5. do you know if the photo finish is a "make up" product or a lotion?? it does remind me of vaseline so im a but fizzy on what it is. if its a make up product then im scared it really clogging my pores. i do know it is however made of 60% water and no oil.. but still, are there lots of fillers??
  6. when i tried the lip&lid it did help my make up stay on all day and night for the most part. but towards the end of the night the colors kind of just mashed together. and i did get one crease in my eyelids per each eye. does MAC Paints do that??
  7. MAC paints are amazing...they stay put all day. I tried Smashbox Photo Finish and their eyeshadows and was super allergic to them both.

  8. what reaction did u get??
  9. the bottle says "foundation primer".

    and if it counts for anything, i never had breakouts or anything when i used it. and i get breakouts really easily with new stuff that will clog my pores, etc. i just hated how it felt when i first put it on- i could never really get over that.
  10. are there any primers that are lotion? id hate to put something cloggin up my skin!
  11. I haven't had this problem with the Paints. They really help eyeshadow stay put. I find without it my powder eyeshadow either disappears or changes color (darkens) from the oil on my lids. Give MAC Paints a try. Bare Canvas is a good neutral. Also, when applying Paints less is more.
  12. the new smashbox photo finish light primer, is like a lotion, that's probably more similar to what you're looking for, the other smashbox primers with the dermaxylslkej;lk something ingredient are the vaseline-ish feely ones :/
    I just got the photo finish light primer today, I'm going to try it tomorrow and see how it goes while I trek across campus in the heat and i'll give a review tomorrow night!
  13. i cant wait to read your review!! wanna take before and after shots?! ahaha!
  14. hahah I suppose I can as long as I wake up early enough that I don't have to rush putting everything on my face :}