Smashbox Photo Finish

  1. You don't need moisturizer underneath it, but I usually do. As far as wearing it without make-up, I've never done that. I use it to create a smoother canvas for the make-up. The great thing is that the make-up lasts so much longer when I do have it on and stays true to color.
  2. I haven't tried it, but Smashbox has some great products that I use on a daily basis.
  3. I'm on my second jar of this great product. Love it. Makes my foundation go on smooth, stays put longer and doesn't break out my face like others have.
  4. I loved this product at first, but after a couple of weeks my skin started breaking out. Stopped using it for a while and gave it another shot, but once again I broke out. Too bad, because it really helped my foundation look flawless and last longer. My friend started using it based on my initial recommendatin and she loves it--no trouble at all with breakouts.
  5. I love this stuff too as it makes my makeup look better, last longer and doesn't break me out. I had tried primer from Nars, Dior and Este lauder before which all broke me out. It's amazing how everyone gets different reactions to beauty products, which is why I love Sephora. If it breaks me out, back it goes for a refund!
  6. Yes, SMASHBOX's primer is AMAZZZZZZZING! I always get my stuff at sephora too! lol and if it doesn't work out, back for a refund/exchange! The SA's there are nice too, they'll recommend great products!

    Haven't tried to the new one tho with the SPF15 Demaxyl Complex... has anyone else? Does it feel different?
  7. it is the bomb! I wear moisturizer and then smashbox and then my foundation. I love it!
  8. I don't actually wear a foundation, I wear a tinted sunblock every day - I'm trying to determine whether this would improve the application of the sunblock which can be a bit moist.
  9. I have the original Photo Finish primer and when I am having a "bad pore" day I use some on my nose before putting on my Bare Escentuals foundation. It's very silky!
  10. I got it but I haven't used it yet. Do you think it works better if you moisturize first?
    On the package said that it should be used on clean and dry skin but I think it would be better if I used it after the moisturizer
  11. Yes it's definitely better to moisturize before the photo finish! especially if you have sensitive skin. I used it without moisturizer and after I washed off my make-up at the end of the night, my skin was a bit bumpy/blotchy without using moisturizer first. ):
  12. I :heart: how this forum tips me on great new products to try out, and that aren't available here (don't have Sephora) :flowers:
  13. Hi. I love it. I tried adding moisturizer but my face started breaking out. I use the Photofinish and then the foundation. The only bad thing is that the pump might stop working. Then you have to slam the bottle against a padded surface to try to get the stuff to be around the pump hose. I am now using a qtip to get it out of the bottle.
  14. Smashbox's Primer is a great product. It makes my face feel incredibly soft, and helps my make up stay on longer.