Smashbox O-Glow

  1. So I've heard mixed reviews about O-Glow by Smashbox. Has anyone tried this product/what do you think of it?

    I'm Danielle by the way, I've been lurking the board for awhile, hi : )

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I tried it at Sephora; eh, it was ok. I think it reacts with your body heat, and I was cold that day, so no real change in the color. I still prefer Tarte cheek stain. Hope this helps!
  3. It's a complete sham that it "reacts to the moisture of your skin." If you dab it on a piece of paper with a cotton swab, it turns the same shade of pink. It's a VERY cool pink that will not work on everyone. If you've ever tried Smashbox's Photo Finish, it has the same consistancy. Because it's colored, it tends to settle in on blemishes. Unless you have very, very good skin and do not use foundation or pwoder, I wouldn't recommend this product.
  4. oh, i was just wondering this same kind of a sucker for this whole "smart" cosmetics idea. but good to know what you guys think! now i don't have to waste my money on it....:p
  5. yea me too!
    i thought the concept was cool as well, i'll just have to stick to what i've got!


  6. really? that's saddening. i was watching that qvc thing last night and it looked like a miracle wrapped in a subtle dirty name. maybe they played a trick on us all, but it seemed as if the makeup seller host person put the o-glow on all of the guinea pigs with foundation and powder on, so my question is, how did it react? did it get pasty? flaky? shiny? sorry for the fifth degree, i'm curious! :smile:
  7. I'm curious too. I also saw it advertised on QVC, but it was sold out before I could order it.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    You can always get it on w/free shipping.
  9. I like the Benefit cheek stain...if you're looking for a cheek stain. =)
  10. I was going to purchase this a few weeks ago, but the SA said it wasnt available in London yet. After reading your post, im glad I didnt.
  11. i wouldn't try it either..i was watching it on qvc yesterday and to be honest it looked like the same pink shade on everyone...although at first I thought it was a cool idea.
  12. i am a sucker for new products and got it when it came out..last month i think? but anyways..i was really disappointed. I am spanish/italian and the color didnt really show up on my olive skin at all..and it was a lil hard to blend is sitting on my vanity..collecting dust *sigh*
  13. i find that when its first applied, its a hideous fuschia colour on everyone. but then it settles down after a while and does look quite nice.
    however i think that the imitating a person's natural blushing colour part is just a gimmick.
  14. Glad I landed upon this thread before making the purchase. It seemed really interesting but after reading the reviews I think I'll pass.
  15. tnx for the tips girls, i was thinking of buying this product too but after reading all your comments I'd rather not.