Smashbox O-Glow gloss and blush....

  1. Has anyone tried these? Do they work?
  2. Ehh... I personally think it's a gimic. There was another thread about this awhile ago and someone posted a pic of how the gloss looks on white paper. It's supposedly clear and then it adapts the shade to your coloring, but it turned the same shade of pink on the paper as it seems to turn on everyone's face. Plus, they stole the idea from Avon, who released the exact the same product in eerily similar packaging 5 years ago. I'm a big Smashbox fan, but I would never buy this...
  3. Awwww....good to know. Thanks for the info!
  4. Sorry, I always feel bad giving something a bad review. Especially, when it's Smashbox lol.

    But If you're looking for a great sheer-gel kind of blush, I HIGHLY recommend Tarte cheek stains! The name is a little misleading-- they're actually like giant chapsticks for your cheeks. All you have to do is touch it to your cheek and then blend it. The colors go on very subtle and natural looking, they smell GREAT, and it lasts allll day. I even wear it on my lips sometimes. I love them!!! :tup:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Cool! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll go check these out!

  6. I have the blush and really like it.
  7. I just bought the O-gloss & it totally works, it makes my lips a pink color almost instantaneous, I really recommend it
  8. Several cosmetic companies have donr this same product for more years than I care to remember. They turn the same extreme shade of pink on everyone. I like many smashbox products, but on this I say take a pass...
  9. The oglow looked off on me (I am a dark asian.) I also swear by tarte cheek stains. they're awesom!!!
  10. I have heard great things about these. Now if only my city would get Tarte products... they have almost everything else! :rolleyes:
  11. ^ You can order them online from VS, Sephora or QVC. I know it would be best to try it on IRL, but the colors are surprisingly neutral! My favorite is "tipsy," the one all the way on the left in the pic. It looks BRIGHT orange in the tube, but it comes out a beautiful sheer peachy/coral color. You can always consult Makeup Alley for reviews or post questions in the Beauty Bar before ordering, too :flowers:
  12. i cant say im the biggest fan of the tarte cheek stains...they seem to disappear into my skin after an hour so i have to keep reapplying. they're also a bit sticky! IMO, nars multiples are waaaaay better.
  13. but more on the o-glosss.... someone give me some more personal experiance bc i want to buy it, but its way expensive so i want to know its worth it!
  14. the o-glow was definitely glowing...i tried it on and i felt like a little kid putting on way too much of mommy's bright pink blush
  15. I love it, gave it to a friend to try & she also really liked it, it turned my lips a brighter pink than hers but I guess it just depends on your skin tone & lips maybe