Smashbox & Nordstrom - Freebie!

  1. enjoy!
  2. great! thanks for posting!
  3. THANK YOU!!!:tup:
  4. thanks!
  5. thanks!
  6. Thanks!
  7. Neato, thanks!

    Any idea which ones are "participating?" :wlae:
  8. Good question! Can't wait to redeem this, thanks for posting!
  9. thanks a bunch! i got this today, and it's awesome. the fact that it was free just made it so much better!
  10. ITA!:tup:
  11. Thanks! I got one today. I was prepared to buys something because I felt sort of obligated but the SA was busy with another customer and just handed to me so I left. Great full size gift.
  12. I got mine last night. It's really pretty.
  13. Can this be used online?
  14. Just picked this up. It's a pretty generous size too. Nice colors!
  15. lucky girls! i went yesterday (aug 31) at 2pm and the SA said they didn't have anymore. i was so disappointed. :sad: