smashbox lip paint? anyone try?

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  1. I just browsed through - big mistake, A new (NEW!) lipgloss caught my eye and I ordered it. Smashbox lip paint. I got the color "artiste" after reading some of the reviews. Why can't I stop buying new lip glosses?? This is seriously becoming a problem! I am hoping one of you can give me a good review on this one (Candace maybe???)
  2. Can you try reading up on it at Makeup Alley? I love that site. Are you sure its called paint? I couldnt find it but their search is a little flakey.

    As a side note, arent their products made in China? Im not sure actually but I avoid that.
  3. I just went to makeup alley (thanks for mentioning it...I just joined that place!) and I couldn't find it there either.
  4. I have the Artiste color that you got. While it's a pretty color, it's a tad bit sticky, and not very pigmented.
  5. ^^ eeek.....sticky and colorless.....not good. :sad: