Smashbox Is Gonna Be in Town - I am Gonna Be "Made Up"

  1. OK, so I never used Smashbox before, but I was watching QVC and thought, what the h***. I got a kit for my hair color. I picked up foundation and lip liner at Nordstrom.

    I went back a week later and got a foundation brush. The consultant said the make up artists were going to be in town and did I want an appointment.

    I have been feeling a little good about myslef since I lost 54 lbs (34 of which since May).

    Anyway... What do I wear? Do I leave my face clean or do I put on some makeup before going so they can see the carpy way I put my stuff on?

    Of course, I may bring my new Coach Mady Bag that day if I feel safe (maybe not since I have no idea how many people might be around)...

    Not sure if I like Smashbox, but I figured I would try it.
  2. I don't know the answers to your questions, but that's pretty neat :smile: I wish I could be totally made over, hah. Like in one of those tv shows. I am makeup and hair clueless and it makes me sad.
  3. I just got my makeup done with Bobbi Brown at there latest event...LOVED IT!!! but... as for your question... I just went in with a clean face and moisterizer on (no makeup). When I went in...they toned it up again, remoisterized and then did the application. Have fun with it!!! :girlsigh:
  4. OK, thanks. I will be at Nordys in KofP on Saturday! Might be pulled into the LV Boutique for a makeup case of some type!
  5. Cool, I use to work for Smashbox as a makeup artist in Henri Bendels NYC! Have fun, hope you like it!
  6. Sounds like fun! I am sure you'll have a blast.
  7. Dido.
    If you like the look/product they use on QVC, be sure the tell the make artist, i usually go to QVC, and look up the products i want to try before i go. Make sure to grab some Photo Primer(w/ or w/o sunblock)while you are there-as they usually wish you to purchase some product after the makeup appointment.

    'feeling a little good about myself....' A little good? OMG that is a HUGE success! Congrats on your weight lost! I am SOOO happy for you! :yahoo: yeah~~~
  8. I love the primer. That's a good idea on what to pick up. I am definitely going to get some eye shadow. I usually wear shades of brown.

    Thanks. I am hoping to lose about 15 more pounds or so. I am not pushing it.
  9. It went well. She picked a few different shades of eye shadow and lipstick for me. I bought a bunch of stuff.
  10. I guess I am a little late to the party, as it were...but when I go for makeovers I wear no makeup and usually a white t-shirt so they have a blank slate. I have been using Smashbox stuff for a couple of years now and I LOVE it. QVC is a great place to pick up fabulous kits for even better prices.
  11. I watched the special Smashbox shows on Thur on QVC. I ordered a few items. I really like their products so far. I am using them everyday. Usually I wear the Loreal, Revlon & the like. I am going to try to keep this up.
  12. Have fun. I've used Smashbox for a few years and love their products.
  13. Just got mine today and can't wait to try it! Congrats again on your fab weight loss. Care to share your weightloss secret?
  14. Hi. Atkins... Mainly been staying on Induction...