Smashbox Eye Wish Palette?

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  1. Oh my! I shouldn't be going to before my bed time. I was totally stunned by this beauty.


    I just ordered my UD Book of Shadows III few days ago, and thought it should be quite some time before I am getting another new palette.

    But this one, there love the color combinations. Not totally neutral but the colorful ones are so easy to blend with the natural shades in this palette! I wonder if Sephora put the wrong info about the weight. Because 0.63 oz for each eyeshadow is a lot!

    Only for US$45 with 12 eyeshadows and 4 cream eyeliner and an eye primer and a mascara?? The deal is as good as UD Naked Palette if not better.

    If I am going to get my first eyeshadow palette from Smashbox, based on the outlook, this is definitely the one! Really need to look at this palette in real life before buying blindly online. Any eyeshadow junkie is hooked to this as I am? :P
  2. My experience with Smashbox shadows has not been the greatest. I think their primer is their only standout product.

    I am a total eyeshadow junkie too. I need to quit, but then I just ordered the Book of Shadows III. And got Golden Olive pigment. On the upside, I have been forcing myself to use up more of my shadows lol.
  3. I hate sephora eyeshadows and smashbox isn't all that. I love UD and MAC.
  4. I love Smashbox eyeshadow primer - it is awesome! Don't think I tried any SB shadows though. Do agree that U/D and MAC are my faves!
  5. Hey ladies, thank you for the feedback. I will definitely try it in real version before my purchasing decision.

    i:heart:handbags, I have been pushing myself to use more of my eyeshadows collections too! And I am very excited for my BOS III to arrive!

    ilvoelv, I have the Sephora 5-in-1 palette, and I am very pleased with some of the colors inside, epspecially the matte ones. Somehow, I think the formula is different from their shimmery eyeshadows. So my liking towards the 5-in-1 palette is 50-50.

    sugarjaws, I've never used the Smashbox eyeshadow primer yet! One of this days, I need to get a MAC eyeshadows to try.
  6. I have the holiday big shadow box from last year, the eye-wish palette from last year and will probably get this one too (just saw in Nordies a few days ago).