Smashbox brushes

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  1. Do any of you ladies own smashbox brushes? Would love to hear some reviews!

    MAC brushes seem to be so popular here but I bought the kabuki brush a while back and it sheds like crazy!! Hate it
  2. I have a SB mini kabuki and I like it but all I have to compare it to (kabuki-wise) is the BareMinerals one and I like the SB WAY better. I also have a flat eyeliner brush and some kind of a blending brush and they are still in their wrappers, I guess I need to change that :shame:
  3. i'm going to try some of them and report back to you, they look pretty decent.
  4. ^^ They do seem pretty good but I'm surprised I don't hear too many people rave about them like they do MAC!
  5. I have the fan brush, the eyeliner brush and a kabuki. All very good. The kabuki is not as good as my MUFE, but still good. The fan and eyeliner both work very well, but if I had to compare then to MAC, I would say that as tools, they work just as well. The only way in which I find them inferior to my MAC brushes are the handles. Not as well weighted, or feel as sustantial. This might or might not be important to some.
  6. I have the #4 brush, which is supposed to be a flat concealer brush (square-shaped). Not sure they make it any longer but I tell you it is PERFECT for me as a basic e/s brush, to get the color on the lids and crease. I then use my trust MAC brushes beyond that but my SB #4 is a workhorse...and adored!

  7. I have two and I like them both - I have a fat pencil brush and a shadow brush. I dont use them as often as I should.
  8. I have the #18 Fan brush. I use it all the time for very pigmented blush as it works well to build colour, my MAC brush puts down too much colour the first time. Fine if you are using Blush Baby, a big mess if you are using Dollymix!
  9. I have QUITE a few, I'll have to see which ones I have and report back.

    Their baby one that comes with Halo "SHEDS" horribly but I did have an SA at the counter for SB replace it for me for free and it's much better!
  10. I have some eye brushes and I really like them...I'v had them for about 3 years too and they wash good.
  11. oops, forgot I also have the #10 brush, which is very similar to MAC's #224 - a rounded, dome blending brush. SB's bristles are a tad looser than MAC's; both are great and are wonderful for blending out the upper crease/outer v or dusting on inner corner and highlight e/s!

  12. I have quite a few SB brushes and I LOVE them. Can't remember exactly which ones I have off-hand, but so far I wouldn't stray from this brand, and I've had mine 2+ years. they wash well, pigment well, and the only problem I've had with shedding is my mini-kabuki, but after a few uses, even that stopped happening.
  13. I have 3. Purchased the shader, flat e/l and an e/s brush. I use my shadow brush the most of the three and I love it. Better than my MAC brushes
  14. I really want to try the angeled liner brush.
  15. I know that they came out with some newer brushes (hence their stuff on the site going to the Curtain Call area...)... but BOY I wish some would to clearance-d prices at NR or Ulta!