Smash n Grab at Chanel Melbourne

  1. $40,000 bag grab
    Shannon McRae

    A PAIR of smash-and-grab thieves with an eye for designer handbags broke through a city shopfront and fled with stock worth up to $40,000 yesterday.

    Police believe two people snatched about 20 bags from the Chanel store in Collins St about 4.45am.
    The Chanel accessories can sell for up to $3700.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

  2. I suppose the police will be keeping a close watch on Ebay Australia for a while.

    It's amazing that two people carrying 10 bags each got away without being seen,even at that time of night!!

    It goes without saying that stealing is always bad.
  3. Those poor little bags, they must have been so scared. :huh: :sad: :cry:

  4. Oh that's horrible!!! I hope they find the burglars!
  5. Wow, $40k :amazed: I hope they can track the thieves down. I wouldn't be surprised if the bags and accessories ended up on eBay!
  6. I was just there last saddening to hear :sad: My hotel was a block or two from the Collins St. Chanel boutique and the SA's there were really nice when I went in there. Kind of shocking to hear about this type of crime in that area b/c isn't Collins St. pretty abuzz with people/tourists even late into the night? I felt really safe during my few days horrible to hear about this.
  7. so cute!
  8. lol Well, guess we should keep an eye out on Ebay for a good deal. Kidding... this is pretty awful, but I suspect that's how a lot of brand-new bags end up on Ebay.

    I hear stories about whole trucks of merchandise getting stolen.
  9. lol that was my first thought
  10. it's so gonna be on ebay soon.. or shipped elsewhere so it can sell on ebay from a different place... they should have the serial numbers of the stolen items???
  11. theives are stupid. semi-OT and no Chanel bag but some theif stole a $800 teacup chiuaha from my husbands pet store yesterday. They got her on camera and got her license plate number. I can't wait for her to go to FPMITA (federal pound me in the ass) prison
  12. That made me laugh, but it is sad!!!:cry:
  13. Awww, poor bags! 20 bags?! Geez...that would be a stunning collection...if they weren't stolen!
  14. Wow that's awful! You'd think Chanel would have more security measures to prevent this kind of stuff from happening.. like the security guards that stand in front of all of Tiffany & Co's entrances or something.

    I was at Macy's once when a lady carrying an ARM LOAD of clothes just flew out the door. For a second everyone just stopped and stared like "did that really happen?" before the SAs kicked into action. It's ridiculous how bold some shoplifters are!

  15. THAT MADE ME LOL SO HARD :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    Let us know what happens!