Smartest Purchase I Ever Made

  1. Okay, I just bought this accessory called the Pursehand after seeing my girlfriend with one. It's designed to hang off any table or ledge and has a hook that you hang your purse off of......finally, I've found something to keep my expensive hand bags off the floor and in my sight, clean, safe and sound!!!

    I've seen it several places but I bought mine at, it comes in a bunch of different varieties and you can design the colors you want yourself, which I love. I've gotten so many compliments on it already, and it really has come in handy at restaurants.

    Just thought I'd turn my fellow fashionista's on to this awesome, fun little find!

    Take care!
  2. i've seen a few ads about this & thought its a very clever idea! i need to get me one =D
  3. Are you advertising? It's hard to tell, as sometimes we get new members that come to advertise (and often it is set up as, "hey, check out this cool new product I just found"). That's against the forum rules.

    If not, my apologies... I just ordered these from Linens 'n Things, and they're supposed to arrive this week:

    And if you do a forum search for "purse hook" you'll get a ton of threads. I hope they work for me! Anyhow, I'm not sure I like the hand shape on the one you posted, so I prefer the more simple round shape, gold or silver colored ones.

  4. Good point...
  5. Franklyn covey has them in their store too. I got one and they do work great!
  6. You can get PurseHooks at Walgreens...$9.99 for two! I love mine.
  7. I got mine on eBay. Great item!
  8. i don't think i could ever rock a purse hook ;)
  9. ^^^Ditto that.
  10. got mine, but never used it....My SO gives me this look like "You are NOT whippipng out a hook to hang your bag on in the middle of Benihana's!" And so I don't LOL. Clearly my insecurities showing through!
  11. Yeah my husband would be the same way. I do want one becuase inevitably I always get little scuffs or wear on the corners. I almost had a fit the other day when I was getting my nails done and a tech comes by and takes my bag off the nail station and sits it on the floor! I was like no my bag does not go on the floor! He looked at me like I was crazy.

  12. ^^^ :roflmfao: