Prada prestige pass for preferred members

  1. Hi Im a lurker and decided to share this. I really was happy when i found out about the deals on the purse forum. I am a smart bargains preferred member and they have a two days only Prada sale event. I am allowed to invite 5 peopl by email. If this is of interest to u, please send me a message and I will invite you by email.

    i only had one prada and now have my second thanks to this sale. i got the tessuto satchel and am very excited
  2. It is 729 on sale
  3. thanks very much for sharing, the above link works!!!!!! you are the best.
  4. great, Im glad! What will you buy?
  5. Thanks for sharing-they are selling out quickly!:smile:
  6. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  7. I'm having trouble accessing. Do you know if any of the quilted ones are on sale?
    Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks for the post!
  9. Thanks.
  10. I've had orders billed that never shipped from them a couple of times and gave up! Does that still happen?
  11. thanks for sharing! thank goodness i'm not a prada fan.
  12. thanks a bunch for sharing!

    too bad the one i wanted is sold out :sad:
  13. AllGoodness - thanks! That was very nice of you to share! Looks like most everything is sold - but that's okay, I'm on an everything ban! :p