1. Has anyone ever shopped the site I just did for the first time, they had 20% sale, and got 2 of the most amazing bags ever!! Colehaan and Michael Kors! OMG, they are the best. I am curious if anyone else knows about this hidden gem??:tup:
  2. I haven't gotten a bag from them yet, but I did buy some great designer clothes from them. Great prices.
  3. I've gotten some really nice Kenneth Cole and Francesco Biasia bags there, plus some nice deals on clothes and other accessories. I love that site!!:tup:
  4. No bags, but I got some sexy Charles David pumps :tup:
  5. Smartbargains is Loehmann's website. While I haven't shopped on the website, I have gotten some killer deals in stores.
  6. I haven't bought any bags but lots of other things and they are great!
  7. I just bought a really cute Hype bag from there for next to nothing last week! Still waiting for it to arrive though, I'm so impatient! But yeah, it's a great site. I started checking in every couple of days to see what new stuff they have!
  8. Haven't got any bags from them, but they usually have killer deals on designer shoes and dresses. I have purchased many dresses from them/Loehmann's, and loved every dress and bargain I got. You should definetly visit the store though ... its absolutly amazing.
  9. I love Smart Bargains :yahoo:...

    I've bought a ton of stuff from them. I finally joined the Smart Shopper Club, because I was sick of paying $10 shipping each time!
  10. I scored a Movado watch when they had a 25% off deal!