looks good! ARE they?

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  1. see some great deals there how are they are they reputable are the bags real and are the prices good compared to other places?
    how did i get so addicted
  2. I've ordered from then many times, but not the bags. Everything that I've ordered seems to have been authentic, but again cannot vouch for the bags. I did have an issue with their CS once when they would not give me a price adjustment on something that I just bought and subsequently was discounted even more, so I ended up buying the item again and returning the previous order.
    But for the most part I've been pretty happy with them and have scored some major deals.
    One thing to remember with them is to always check your order confirmation email, especially if you're getting an additional discount through a promotional email or a link on another site. I've had a couple of times when I would see the discount all the way through checkout and then received an email without the discount, so I had to call to have it adjusted. This hasn't happen for a while so may be they fixed their system.
    I say you give them a try if you found something you like and the price seems good.
    Good luck.
  3. ^^^I agree with IKNY, I have ordered lots of things from them except handbags. Their return policy is great and you do have to call in to get price adjustments after email coupons fail to work. They are fast at shipping items and great at refunds.
  4. I have not purchased bags from them before, but their apparel and accessories seem to almost always be from Loehmann's, which is reputable retailer. I think you should be ok purchasing a bag from them.
    Customer service was just fine when I placed orders.
  5. I hope so...

    I just purchased a Raymond Weil watch from them last night.
  6. I love Smart Bargains! I've bought many things from them.
  7. I bought a Movado watch from Smart Bargains and it's authentic. I can't say about their purses but I would order a purse from them.
  8. Smart Bargains is a subsidiary of Loehmann' it's legit.:smile:
  9. THe site is run by Loehmann's, which is a legit retailer :smile:
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