1. 20% off the entire store! :yahoo:
  2. Is there a code? Tried adding someting to my cart but it was still just the 18% off the listed it at and I'm not seeing an announcement on the site?
  3. I think the discount is only 20% off purchases up to 300, so the max you'd get back is 60.
  4. Is there a link that you need to click to get 20% off? TIA
  5. Can someone please post the link too. Thanks!! :yes:
  6. yes, please!
  7. There is extra 20% off clearance items but the price reflects discount already.
    I am not sure about the 20% on entire purchase...
  8. Sooo tempted on the cole haan drawstring bag... Must resist since I already have 2 bags on the way. I really want it though!

    Thanks for posting green abyss! Some great deals!
  9. Would it be an EXTRA 20% if you pay with paypal? AHH juicy clutches!
  10. SB has such expensive shipping.

    $10 for a tiny clutch. It just makes it not really worth it so much.

    No thanks to you, SmartBargains. You need to take a tip from Overstock and have affordable shipping, to make your "bargains" actual bargains.
  11. I think the paypal limit is $50 off.